Worst Hollywood Actors You May Not Believe In The List

Worst Hollywood Actors

A good movie with a good plot can eventually become a flop because of the movie actors. Often the viewer who watches the movies that are made for entertaining the mass feels that the movie plot, cinematography or even the action sequences is good except that the cast of the movie is horrible. Because of these, the film can at times even flop. Hollywood is a place that has witnessed some best actors who are extremely talented and successful because of their talent. Here are some worst hollywood actors you may know.

The List Of Worst Hollywood Actors

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Again few of the worst Hollywood actors have made their place in Hollywood with some mere connection with the industry, or because of their looks apart from which they have zero acting skills, and some of them have also made a place by the amazing luck that they have. Here are some of them who can be easily acknowledged as the worst Hollywood actors that the industry has seen.

Worst Hollywood Actors

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Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s biggest identity is that he is the son of the most loved actors among the viewers, that is, he is the son of Will Smith. Jaden gave his most outstanding performance along with his father in After Earth, which is known to be one of the most commercial and disparaging movies. Jadon’s performance in most of the emotional scenes is emotionless and expressionless. After watching the movie, it becomes evident that had he not been the son of such a famous actor, he would have no place in Hollywood and has gained the title of worst Hollywood actor.

Dane Cook

The amazing comedy skill is the reason for Dane Cook to have been enlisted in the list of worst Hollywood actors. It might sound shocking that a person who is so good at comedy can be the worst Hollywood actor. This is because through his comedy is highly acknowledged on his stage performances on the big screen, it is a bit too much to endure. Even if he tries to change his role from a comic one to a serious one, it does not work for him. In serious roles, it becomes prominent that he is trying hard to get into the character.

Worst Hollywood Actor

Pauly Shore, The movies like Biodome and Pauly Shore is Dead had Pauly Shore as a cast in it. He has starred in many movies that are a pain to the eyes. The genre in which Pauly generally acts is comedy. He has not shown any versatility in his acting skill scene. He is stuck with doing comedy movies only. The characters he chooses for him are typically the same. For this reason, he has made a place for himself in the list of worst Hollywood actors.


A good physical appearance or connection with someone famous in the industry does not mean that person will excel in his movies. Talent for the right platform is the main factor behind every successful actor.

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