Why You Should Watch A Classic Hollywood Movie

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Who remembers Gene Wilder or Doris Day? We might not like them now, but at one time they were huge stars.

Let’s face it. Even a first-run flick needs to be classic. The last thing you want is someone running out to their car to watch a new movie and realize that the picture they just saw ten years ago is better than the one they just saw. Classic films have a way of remaining classic for the rest of their lives.


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You can think of these actors as royalty. No one else has made them into stars quite like they have. They are beloved by generations of fans. Most people would never dream of doing acting, writing, directing, or playing in a film without the name Gene Wilder, Doris Day, or George Bailey on their resume.

These names are synonymous with great acting performances. However, what about the films? What about the films that didn’t make much of an impact upon the public? What about those films that failed to earn the millions that Hollywood was expecting? Without them, our culture would still be dominated by the big budget films.

Well, here we are all grown up. We have our favorite stars from those films that we saw when we were children. Now, we are able to appreciate their work and see why they were considered classics in the first place.

Why Shouldn’t They Still Be On The “Greatest” List Of All Time?

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These stars paved the way for the other performers that followed. Who could have imagined that Marlon Brando would one day be on the cover of Time Magazine? Or that Clark Gable would one day be nominated for an Academy Award for his role these latest release? There would have been no Ben-Hur, no Lawrence Jackson, no JFK, no J.J. – without the brilliant minds that shaped the film industry into what it is today.

Of course, there would have been no Harry Potter, no Gladiator, no Saving Private Ryan, no Groundhog Day, noTerminator, no Indiana Jones, and no Jurassic Park if it wasn’t for the minds behind the camera that created and directed these movies. How could they do it without those brilliant, iconic actors? They were the foundation to what the film industry would become.

Questions That Shouldn’t Be Plaguing Us Anymore

These are the questions that shouldn’t be plaguing us anymore. Our favorite actors are remembered fondly for their roles, not for their roles that made them famous. They are the true test of human ingenuity and will. The next time you go see a film, remember that the entire cast, from the director to the actress, all knew what they were doing. There was no room for spur-of-the-moment acting. They knew the script, and that is why they are remembered.

Final Words

Go see a classic Hollywood film from the past or the present. Enjoy the amazing story and wonderful characters. This is the kind of entertainment you want to enjoy when you go to the movies. Classic Hollywood will provide you with some of the best entertainment and fun you can have. So take a chance and try something new this year.

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