Why You Should Starting Watching Hollywood Movies

Why You Should Starting Watching Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies are part of our lives. There is no human on planet earth who does not watch Hollywood movies, except for some tribals who live on some isolated island. Also, we believe you are not on some isolated island if you are reading this article and certainly you have watched more movies than you can count.

Movies are all about storytelling in visual motion. But the world is changing and humans are using movies to spread knowledge and information. Besides these movies play a great role in conditioning our minds and shaping our life on the unconscious level.

Why You Should Starting Watching Hollywood Movies
Why You Should Starting Watching Hollywood Movies

Movies And The Sub-Conscious

Movies can penetrate our subconscious without the use of hypnosis. There are lots of advantages to watching movies. If you are from non-English speaking countries you should start watching Hollywood movies.

Hollywood movies are directed by a great director and act by great actors and actresses and that’s what makes the storytelling so realistic and interesting. Apart from entertainment, it also benefits us in a different way such as these.

Hollywood Movies Can Improve Your English

For those who are planning to take up an English speaking class. The first advice that you will get from your English teacher is to start watching Hollywood movies.

There is no rule that you will learn a language from only one-way communication. One way communication can be as effective as two-way communication.

Watching Hollywood film with subtitles can double the learning process. You will not only learn different English accents but you will also get a basic understanding of how sentences are formed and where and how to use them.

Increase Your Vocabulary

To speak any language fluently you should have a good command over the vocabulary. When you regularly exposed yourself to Hollywood movies you learn new words.

It’s a best practice to write down words that you think are new to you and using in real-life conversations.

The way a person pronounces English words makes a huge difference in spoken clarity. English movies will help you to learn and pronounce words. The more you watch the more you consume, and the more you consume the more you get used to the English language.

Furthermore, spending time watching Hollywood movies will not only entertain you but help you learn English quicker than your English learning batch mate.

Hollywood Movies Will Give You An Understanding Of Western Culture

With the introduction of the Internet, we can access any kind of information with the click of a computer mouse. But, 20 years ago movies were the only source of information to eastern countries to learn about western culture.

The western culture we are seeing in different countries of the world is influenced by Hollywood movies. But every western concept and idea that we are using in our movies and other parts of our lives are exposed by this.

If you want to learn about the history of the western world, you can watch Hollywood documentary movies. Also, Hollywood documentaries are getting more popular than the old traditional western movies.

Why You Should Starting Watching Hollywood Movies
Why You Should Starting Watching Hollywood Movies


There are lots of people who don’t watch movies just because they think they don’t understand English. But, if you think from another point of view, Hollywood films can be your English learning materials.

The western trends are trending in every part of the world. So, watching movies will not only give an understanding of western culture but you will also be able to adopt western trends.

So, start watching Hollywood movies and start speaking the English language fluently. 

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