Why Did Brangelina Couple Split?

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Ever watch ‘By the Sea’ movie directed by Angelina Jolie where she cast her own husband Brad Pitt and herself? If you have, then you will know it didn’t last long in the box office and so did the marriage that only lasted for two years. We all have heard rumors related to the Brangelina couple.

Here are some of the reasons why the Brangelina Couple split shocked the world.

Why Did Brangelina Couple Split?
Why Did Brangelina Couple Split?

Defective Foundation: Brangelina Couple

Brangelina met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith when Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston. In August 2004, Brangelina seemed quite cozy at the launch of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and paparazzi couldn’t help but capture it.  In December 2004, Brad went on a vacation with Aniston. And, in just one month, they got separated. In April 2005, Brangelina was vacationing together.  

Angelina Didn’t Approve Of Brad’s Parenting Style

Brangelina has 6 children and they all require both of their parents’ love and care and attention. Brad always said it was Angelina who worked hard as a parent no matter how tired she was, she always managed to take the kids out on trips and had something new planned for them always. Angelina was disappointed with the way Brad was raising their kids. In 2016, Brad had once lost control and clashed with their eldest son, Maddox on a private jet. Brad was very strict with their kids and Angelina was cool and calmer and the relaxed one.

Their Lifestyles Don’t Match: Brangelina Couple Split Theory

Brad wants to stay in Hollywood and flourish there but Angelina is sick of Hollywood and she wants to move out. Once out of Brangelina, Angelina is the one who runs the show and she just assumes that Brad will follow whatever she says. Thus, the older she’s getting, the more serious she’s becoming whereas Brad wants to be the golden boy of Hollywood!

Once A Cheater, He Stays A Cheater

Brad was rumored to be cheating with his co-star Marion Cotillard, where Angelina hired a private investigator to look into their love life, and the suspicion came out to be true! Additionally, he was also hooking up with Russian hookers. He was cheating on his wife Aniston when he hooked up with Angelina, and he did the same to Angelina.

Why Did Brangelina Couple Split?
Why Did Brangelina Couple Split?

Angelina Was No Good Either

Angelina has had tumultuous relationships in her past. She was married to Jonny Lee Miller but she was dating a model named Shimizu. She went on a relationship with her second husband Billy Bob Thorton when he was in a live-in relationship with Laura Dern. Furthemore, she was known for doing drugs and cutting with her former lovers, hence staying in a relationship with Brad grew on her and she wanted to opt-out.

Brangelina Had A Substance-Abuse Issue

Brad was seen attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings where he told GQ that he was having a drinking problem since his college days. While Angelina was battling heroin addiction when she was young and experienced cocaine use. Ultimately, substance abuse could turn out to be dangerous for the kids in the long-tern.

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