Who Is the Hottest Hollywood Actors

hottest hollywood actors

So, who are the hottest Hollywood stars right now? Well, that depends entirely on your criteria for what constitutes “the one.” However, by going by all the major box office successes of their recent films both domestically and abroad, their respective fan base, and buzz in both the traditional media and social media networking, here’s a quick list and short biography of the top 15 hottest, sexiest and hottest Hollywood actors right now. Who’s not on this list? And those who aren’t are either old enough or too young to make the cut.

Who’s back… Brad Pitt! Once again, Brad Pitt is the actor of the year and has been since March 2009. I think it’s safe to say that anytime soon, we will see the best of the finest when it comes to the hottest Hollywood actors… Channing Tatum! After a good year of movies and TV appearances, Tatum’s next movie should be an easy pick for number one. I just hope his casting was worthy of such a pick!

Hottest Hollywood Actors

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Who’s not on this list… Probably one of the most recognizable and popular actors in Hollywood, George Clooney. After several forgettable roles he has had over the last several years, it was only a matter of time before Clooney was back in the spotlight, this time with a blockbuster action-filled movie due out very shortly. I expect a lot of commercial and critical success and the same type of results… Hopefully, beating out last year’s Man On The Moon.

Who’s not on this list… One of the other most important actors in Hollywood right now is Russell Brand. After several near-miss celebrity cameoing roles, he finally got his chance at a blockbuster role in The Last Airbender film… His role as Aang was so good that it made him the hottest Hollywood actor right now. However, after the highly-criticized finale of the film, many are wondering if he will ever be able to live up to the incredible hype created by his appearance in the movie. We shall see.

A Much Ado

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Who’s not on this list? One other actor who deserves mention on this countdown of the hottest Hollywood actors is Ben Kingsley. After a string of small roles, he finally had his breakthrough role in the hit movie Easy Rider. Though the role was probably less than what Kingsley is accustomed to playing, the man did appear to handle himself quite well. He also captured an Oscar nomination for his work in this movie.

Who’s not on this list? Of course, one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood when it comes to acting is Tom Cruise. The man is so hot right now that even his marriage to Nicole Kidman is getting some attention. When it comes to these top 10 Hollywood actors who are on the rise, Tom Cruise is at the very top.

Bottom Line

Finally, there is one actor whose name is synonymous with young ladies… This name is Jacob Lofland. While the actor has spent a large part of his career playing the bad guys in action flicks, his best acting job to date is in the new Showtime series, The Fall. It is hard to take a look at Jacob Lofland’s incredibly charming and versatile character, but Jacob Lofland definitely belongs on this list as the best actor in Hollywood today.

So who are the hottest Hollywood actors right now? The answer is pretty simple. Right behind Tom Cruise and Jacob Lofland, Channing Tatum deserves his place as the number one actor in Hollywood. Channing Tatum is simply a force, and he is an incredible example of how a young man can overcome obstacles and still achieve success in Hollywood.

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