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The West Hollywood news brings you the most recent and trendiest news that has been doing the round in West Hollywood. The West Hollywood city is always on the news, whether for its support for the queer group and the people of color or decorating the restaurants amidst the holidays. The West Hollywood news also states that the city has voted to change its famous West Hollywood library’s name.

West Hollywood News – A Walk of Pride

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The West Hollywood news reports that the city council, known for their liberal decision in the city’s social life, has again gained the masses’ appreciation. They approved the plan to paint the crosswalks in the town in the color of the transgender flag. Moving forward, they also added black and brown strips to show that people of color can coexist in peace. This move was warmly welcomed even by the council members, and they supported this effort by the government. The brown people’s mortality rate was way higher than any other community, which shattered the image of the West Hollywood city known for being the progressive state. The city intended to take the black lives matter movement a step further, and hence we justified this move entirely to show solidarity among the people of this community.

Holiday Blues

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The pandemic has stuck many around the world, and the West Hollywood news has it that the famous city restaurant is no stranger to that. The West Hollywood news reports that the restaurant has decorated its halls despite no customers allowed in for the holidays. The restaurant is famous as the most popular gay bar globally, as termed by David Cooley. Even though the last serving was on November 25, a day before Thanksgiving, the restaurant is all set to be active again during the holidays. The West Hollywood news states that multiple famous restaurants of West Hollywood have followed the path. The passerby can only look at the holiday decorations and order takeouts. The restaurants in West Hollywood city would still be in a festive mood.

West Hollywood News – Rename or Not

In this section of West Hollywood news, the city council has approved renaming the West Hollywood library. With a split vote of 3-2 on Monday night, the commission has given consent to name it after the late U.S supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The council members have appreciated this move and said they couldn’t have thought of a better name for the West Hollywood library. The Supreme Court justice has been labeled as a man of heroic proportions and an iconic individual the country has ever produced. The council members believe that the renaming of the library has put it on an altogether different level. But several council members who opposed the idea firmly believed that even though Ginsburg is worthy of that honor, the citizens must have a chance to say their thoughts.


These were some of the recent updates from the West Hollywood city. You can also check out for your favourite stars in this area.

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