Universal Hollywood Studio News- Whats Open And Whats Closed

Universal Studios Hollywood News

Meta- Waiting for the Universal Studio to get back to entertain the visitors with their various rides and events? Check the latest universal studio Hollywood news here.

The world’s largest and oldest Hollywood Film City of California is on its way to re-open for its guests. As per the latest universal Hollywood studio news, only the universal city walk is open for the visitors. Now, they can resume their fun, but this time it would be different due to COVID-19. There will be more stringent guidelines and arrangements to ensure social distancing. Excited about the visit and want to know how this new experience is going to be? Read the full coverage on the health and safety measures of the Universal Studio Hollywood.

Also, we will tell you what to expect during the visit once it’s fully open. So, keep reading until the end.

Universal Studio Hollywood News- What’s New For The visitors?

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The film city will be working on the new guidelines stated by the health agencies and the state’s government. This includes the following:

Visitors should cover their face with the face masks. Those who come here without masks can make a purchase, as well as the purchasing facility is available too.

Only during the meals visitors can remove the masks and resit of the time they have to wear the masks.

There would be a temperature checking machine at the entrance. Those above 100.4 degrees F will have to stay outside as the Universal studio doesn’t allow them to enter.

Keep a distance of 6 feet with other visitors and use hand sanitizer before enjoying the rides.

There won’t be any single rider lines, and play areas are also not opened.

New Experience At Universal Studio Hollywood

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Visitors can expect a little change in the rides and other facilities. There will be signage and markings on the floor to guide and remind the visitors about social distancing. The studio has some new rides as well to keep their visit fun and entertaining.

Eating at the restaurants will be the same as before, but now they can go for cashless and contactless payment. Download the official app to make the payments easy. Visitors can also check the waiting times, shows, and available resources via help. They can even order food and join a virtual line system for easy entry into the park.

What News Say?

Moreover, there will be a relaxing zone, and wearing masks all day is tiring, especially during the daytime. So, breathe and relax as long as you want to get some fresh air.

Bad news for toddlers, as they can enjoy in the play areas. But, their favorite characters ensure that toddlers don’t miss the fun at Universal Studios. No hugs this time! Maintain social distancing.

The universal studio Hollywood news says Citywalk is soon getting open. That’s good news and a relief for the enthusiast visitors. Guidelines will be some, and visitors may not enjoy the park to the fullest.


Those waiting for the Universal studio Hollywood news of re-opening has to wait a little more until situations get controlled. But, they can have some sort of entertainment at their dream destination.

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