Top 5 Classical Hollywood Songs

Classical Hollywood Songs

The soundtrack of any movie is one of the most crucial parts of a movie. The right music can help you to sparkle the emotions of the viewer. But some classical Hollywood songs can become even more popular than a movie. Below are the all-time favorite classical Hollywood songs that can raise the beautiful emotions of anyone anywhere. In fact, these classical Hollywood songs can bring a feeling of liveliness and can elevate your experience beautifully.

All-Time Favorite Classical Hollywood Songs

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Footloose By Kenny Loggins

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Since 1984, Footloose is one of the most popular Hollywood songs and biggest hits. It is next to impossible not to dance when you hear a tune. Of course, the major reason behind the movie’s hit is the coherent composition of the song. Not only this, when it was released, it was on the top of the charts for three weeks continuously, which clearly illustrates the popularity of the song.

Kiss From A Rose By Seal

In 1994 kiss from a rose came into the playlist of the listeners. However, it became a huge success when Batman forever made use of this excellent soundtrack. Not only this bath kiss from a rose is also the song of the year in 1995. Of course, it might feel that it is not a perfect song for a superhero movie, but its composition is perfect for being the best classical Hollywood song.

I Will Always Love You By Whitney Houston

I will always love you and become a rapid success in a short period. It is the result of the searing of the notes. This romantic classical Hollywood song is unforgettable due to its flawless delivery. Moreover, it was on the top of the charts across the world, still its release and even after.

Lady Marmalade By Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, Mya, And Missy Elliott

Unlike the Expectations, it became one of the songs of the most iconic soundtrack. It is one of the perfect classical Hollywood songs for weddings or other functions. It is fun and helps you to bring together your loved one for some thrill and fun.

Romance Number 2 By Beethoven

In 1803 this sweet and melodious song came into play. Romance number 2 is an astonishing creation of Beethoven. The violin’s delicate and youthful freezing illustrates that the composer finds a brief respite while writing the music. Along with Beethoven’s Romance Number 2, two other popular classical Hollywood songs were:

Moonlight sonata

Symphony No. 2


It hardly matters how many songs come and go. The spark of classical Hollywood songs can never be replaced. Not only this but also the composition of classical Hollywood songs is unmatchable. Thus, whenever you feel like going to the old times, simply play some of your favorite classical Hollywood songs. Of course, the songs mentioned above are the best and have the best composition ever. So, enlighten your mood and relax your body using this beautiful and coherent music.

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