The Story Of The Famous Couple Brangelina

Brangelina is a slang used for one of the most famous Hollywood couple Brad pit and Angelina Jolie.

All of us are excited when it comes to Brangelina, aren’t we? Brangelina is a slang used for one of the most famous Hollywood couple Brad pit and Angelina Jolie. The couple is looked upon by the audience and their fans as one of the most attractive and beautiful couples in the world.

Brangelina, met at the set of Mr & Mrs. Smith while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston for a long time. The actor immediately fell in love with Angelina Jolie and soon the news about their affair was in the air.

The Story Of Famous Couple Brangelina
The Story Of The Famous Couple Brangelina

Brad got a lot of hate from Jennifer Aniston’s fan as to breaking a long-married relationship with Jennifer. However, the couple did not give any importance to the hate and went on with their relationship.

They both denied any rumors at the start but later accepted that they were a couple. January of 2005 is when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced that they were separated and have filed for a divorce. The news was still hot and a shock for the fans, but just after a month Brangelina was spotted on a vacation with Angelina’s son.

The couple was very open about their relationship and soon in July, in the same year, they made their relationship public through a magazine interview.

The Wedding Bells Of Brangelina

After dating for almost seven years, the couple finally decided to get engaged in the year April 2012. Soon after, the couple married in the year 2014, in August.

The news was a great joy for the fan base of both the actors and this made them the perfect couple in the eyes of their audience. However, the big shock came when both the actors were going for divorce just two years after their marriage.

The sources claim that the divorce was filed by Angelina due to their difference and she also claimed the custody of her children. During this divorce, she allowed the visitation of Brad but never asked for any kind of support from him.

Split Decision For Brangelina

After the couple had decided to split, both of the requests the media to stay out of this and respect their privacy. Soon after reports started coming in that Brad started drinking heavily to come out of the setback he received from the divorce.

Both of them have come out of this now and working in their normal routine. Brad has been stated to date the famous actor Charlize Theron and Angelina has been back with her famous franchise Maleficent 2 and joining the Marvel Universe.

What’s The Future For The Supercouple

Brangelina was not only a slang given to the couple but also had a lot of emotions and feelings attached o the audience and their fans worldwide. Their marriage was very popular and was covered by the media around the globe.

Since Angelina was the most beautiful woman on earth, as claimed by many top surveys and magazines, anything associated with her had to make the top of the news.

When the news of the couple coming together came in, it was expected that this would be one of the best couples in the industry. But the thing was soon destroyed as the couple separated just 2 years after the marriage.

The Story Of Famous Couple Brangelina
The Story Of The Famous Couple Brangelina

The couple has been active on social media and has been sharing details about the projects they have been working on since then.

Whether or not they were the best couple of the industry is debatable. But they were one of the best and the most loved couples among the audience. They might be separated but Brangelina has a special place for the audience.

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