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The North Hollywood news area covers a wide variety of community activities and events. It includes North Hollywood City Council meetings, Santa Monica’s City Hall, Hollywood’s Skirball Center, and the North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All of these areas are accessible through a variety of sources on the Internet.

Popular Online Sites For The North Hollywood News

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One of the most popular online sites for the North Hollywood news is the Skirball Center. This interactive museum was founded in 1957 and is home to more than sixty exhibits, which allow visitors to view art from all over the world. These exhibits focus on a variety of artistic styles as well as genres. Some of the exhibits will even give the visitor a chance to participate in special live performances.

Another popular site for the North Hollywood news is the North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. This business organization is located on the corner of Main Street and Hollywood Boulevard. Many local businesses are represented at this location. However, the chamber of commerce has been a leader in promoting economic development throughout the community. This includes the creation of the North Hollywood Jobs Plan.

Members of the community take pride in the activities that take place at the North Hollywood City Hall. One of these activities includes the annual Santa Monica Arts Festival. 

Famous North Hollywood News

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The Santa Monica Arts Festival is a free event that is held on Saturday, June 4th every year. This event features several different art exhibits and activities.

During the Arts Festival you will find many artists performing live performances on the streets, in storefronts, or inside their booths. There will also be a variety of workshops held inside of the festival as well as outside. These types of workshops will help you learn about different aspects of the local art scene.

The Santa Monica Arts Festival takes place during the month of June. The event begins at 9 am each day and will continue until noon. Each day you will find several different artists performing on the streets and in storefronts. In addition, you will also see a variety of workshops and demonstrations taking place all over town.

Because the Santa Monica Arts Festival is free and open to the public, it is an excellent resource for the North Hollywood news area. Since it happens on the weekend, many people who would not normally attend on weekdays find it convenient to check out this special show. It offers plenty to keep everyone happy!

Things To Know About Santa Monica Arts

There are some things you need to know about the Santa Monica Arts Festival before you attend. One of those things is that admission to the event is not always free. You will often need to pay admission if you plan to attend the festival.

Some of the events you can expect to see at the festival include a number of speakers, entertainment, and public safety measures. If you want to participate in any of the activities inside or outside of the festival, you will need to be prepared for a few hours of extra time. There will also be a series of workshops that will help you get familiar with the local art scene. and a few speakers.

Before you arrive at the Arts Festival you will find a schedule of events set up near the front entrance. These events will tell you when you will be able to get into the venue and what you should expect. If you decide to get involved with any of the events you will find them near the entrance and at different points throughout the festival. You will be allowed to mingle with other people as well.

During the day you will enjoy the sun setting behind the hills and enjoy the delicious sandwiches served by some of the local restaurants. At night you can find the events winding down and the lights beginning to dim. You will find a variety of musicians playing both live and recorded music in front of you.


The North Hollywood news will never run out of things to read about. You can learn more about the activities at the Santa Monica Arts Festival by browsing through the North Hollywood news section of the paper or watching the online website of the chamber of commerce.

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