The List of Hollywood Character Actors

hollywood character actors

If you are a fan of Hollywood celebrity, most likely you would have observed that many great and popular actors are taking their turns attending the prestigious Hollywood Film Academy Awards. Of course, you probably would also be aware that not all of them are actually present in this competition but rather they try to qualify for it by showing up with best and most excellent films. These are actually the best performers in the industry and they have also been awarded with number one or two in the most recent Academy Awards. They can surely put on a show to entice people to watch. However, what is interesting about these awards is that, they are actually judged based on the number of votes that the audience or the critics give.

New York Times

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So, if you are a keen watcher of Hollywood and especially the Hollywood film industry then you would have noticed that the movies and the performances of the Hollywood character actors were receiving more attention in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, People and even CNN. They were being featured in the New York Times and People Magazine. In fact, some of them were even mentioned in the New York Times Bestseller List. This is a rare sight as you will hardly ever find a Hollywood actor or actress listed in the NYTs, which is primarily focused on books and articles.

Although the presence of an actual human character is what makes the characters in the movies become alive, in terms of acting, the only way to make a film interesting is to add a human element in it. If you have seen some of the movies of Hollywood then you would have noticed that the leading characters and most interesting characters are those which have a strong presence of humanity in them. If you go by the example of Mr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes movie, which was played by Guy Pierce, he has a clear human component in him. His curiosity, his caring and his loyalty to his friends is very human.

Fictional Characters

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This is what makes these Hollywood character actors special. It is very easy to lose sight of the fact that these are merely fictional characters in the movies. They are not real people. However, this does not mean that they cannot react and express themselves in an appropriate manner. The reason why these actors are so popular is because they manage to capture the audience’s empathy and make them feel for the characters in films.

Best Hollywood Character Actors

Some of the best Hollywood character actors are the ones who did not get to be cast as a character actor because they were overlooked. However, they also did not become a star overnight. Instead, they slowly worked their way into the limelight. They had to first play the character roles, and then they slowly built their reputation as an actor by playing more complex and layered characters.

Summing Up

All the Hollywood character actors have established their niche in the acting business. There have been other great actors like Marlon Brando who made two films for MGM while Gene Hackman played a role in Michael Winner’s Money for Nothing. There are other lesser known character actors like Christopher Walken who played a small role in Richard Curtis’ Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. No doubt, there have been many more famous names in this genre, but these five have worked wonders and given importance to lesser known characters.

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