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The Arab-Arab divide in Hollywood has generated many interesting political discussions among Hollywood insiders and the American public. Many have decried the absence of Arab-American actors in Hollywood films, particularly as their cultures are vastly different from that of those in the United States.

 But some have also pointed out the many great film roles that the Arab actors in Hollywood have performed, including the likes of Niki Lakhani in” Mystic River,” as well as Mohammed bin Hammam in “The Wolf Of Wall Street.” These and other roles by Arab-Americans in Hollywood have generated millions of dollars in revenue for Disney and the film industry as a whole.

The Arab And Middle Eastern Cultures

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The presence of these actors in Hollywood is also credited with helping to de-stigmatize the Arab and Middle Eastern cultures and people. When terrorists attacked the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in the late hours of September 11, Arab and Persian American actors like Nawaz to Majid Jafar and Ashraf Ali Khan were quick to express their solidarity with the American people.

 And so was the case with many other actors of the Arab persuasion that happened to be in New York that day. A majority of the New York City crew of film crews was made up of local Arabs and Persian Americans.

The Diversity Of An American Society

Then as now, the diversity of an American society is celebrated by its most celebrated and respected actors. For instance, there is Pakistani-American actor Malachyalam Khan who recently landed a role in the popular television series “Luther.”

 The series chronicles the life of a middle-class family in the upper Midwest of America during the years before and after the attacks of 2021. The show, which is produced by ABC, is expected to end its third season in the fall. Other Arab actors in Hollywood include Iranian-American actor Behhan Denjaz who played the young Ahmedabad prison escapee Saleh Mohsen.

Interesting Characters

Most of the Arab actors in Hollywood reside in California and the surrounding areas. Some of these include Saleh Mohsen who was seen on an episode of “time’s most popular television show, “So You Think You’re Having Fun.” The show was a spin-off of “Fringe,” the long-running science fiction series. Another Arab actor of note is Ahmed Saleh Alavi, who appeared on the TV series “Justified” as an African American law enforcement officer.

One of the more interesting characters from the Arab world of Hollywood isayed Rashedy Bandura, who hails from Los Angeles and is an award winning actress. Most recently, she played an important supporting role in the award winning film, “The Edge of Time.” She is also known for her roles in the films “Million Dollar Baby” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” 

Best Actor Nominee

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It should be noted that while Saleh has only made a few movies, some of his films have won awards at the Oscars and he was even named the best actor nominee for the best drama category for his role in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Another group of Arab actors in Hollywood that you may not be familiar with are Wissahs Behcim and Jawid Karam. Both are from Los Angeles and they have both been nominated for Academy Awards. Like Saleh Mohsen, both are from broken families and have experienced many hardships in their lives. While Jawid Karam was once arrested and held as a prisoner of war, Jawid Behcim was left a child by his father after his mother was killed. They later married an American woman and got together in Los Angeles.

The Arabic Ethnic Group

There are also a couple of Arab actors in Hollywood who may not immediately spring to mind as being from the Arabic ethnic group, but they are actually Arabs in disguise. Sayed Badreeya is an actress with English subtitles who has appeared in a number of British television shows and has garnered praise for her roles. She went on to play the villainous role of Nasser in the hit movie Iron Man. She has also appeared in the TV shows Camelot, Kingdom, Alias and a recurring role in the British soap opera Liza.

The last Arab actor in Hollywood who should be mentioned is Osama bin Laden’s younger half-brother. Om Puraidah is a British actor who has featured in some of the best British films of recent years.

Final Words

He was only 16 when bin Laden died and is now an adult. Like Sayed Badreeya, Om Puraidah went to college in Britain and studied drama, but unlike many other actors in Hollywood, he did not immediately find his way into acting. Instead, he became an actor and singer in Nigeria. Eventually he decided to come to the United States and pursue his career in Hollywood.

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