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Frankie Goes to Hollywood are a British group formed in Liverpool, UK, in the late 1980s. The group consisted of Holly Johnson, Paul Rutherford, Mark O’Toole, Peter Gill and Brian Nash.

History Of Frankie Goes to Hollywood

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s debut album, What Does Your Heart Feel Like, was released in 1991. They were subsequently signed up by Island Records. It was a huge hit, but it was not long before the group split up. The band later reunited for a small tour, which featured two albums.

When the band reunited, it became apparent that the members were tired of the band name. They were therefore given the name of their latest album, Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The band was originally to be called “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”, but decided against it as they were not allowed to use the band name on their original singles. Instead, they were named after their band name and their fans.

Hits Of Hollywood oF Frankie

Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s early songs included hits such as “Losing My Mind”, “My Way”, “I Love You”, “You Can’t Stop Me Now”Forever”. Many of the more successful songs by the band came from the popular TV series such as X-Files and The Young Ones. There were also songs which made use of the movie theme. Some of these include “Falling Stars”, “Run to You”My Way Home”.

There are many videos from their early days to watch on YouTube. You can find some interesting videos on Frankie Goes To Hollywood music videos, as well as the band member’s appearance on a number of music shows and talk shows.

Many of the music videos feature Paul Rutherford. He has appeared on TV programmes such as The X-Files, In Living Color and The Young Ones, as well as singing in several movies and theatre productions. There are also clips of Holly Johnson dancing in the audience at an arena show.

Main Role In The The Band Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The band Frankie goes to Hollywood, originally comprised of only Holly Johnson and Paul Rutherford, released albums containing tracks written exclusively for them. These include Love Story, My Way Home, My Love Story and Last Night on Earth.

Their catalogue of Frankie Goes To Hollywood songs continues to increase over time. There are currently six separate albums released under this name.

The first album is Frankie Goes To Hollywood, which features all seven of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood songs listed above. It contains eleven tracks including the song My Way Home.

The second album is titled Frankie Goes To Hollywood II and features twelve songs. The tracks include My Love Story, My Way Home, My Love Story, Forever, You Can’t Stop Me Now and Last Night on Earth.

The third album, named Frankie Goes to Hollywood IV, is another 12-track collection which was released on December 11th 2020. This collection contains the hits My Love Story, My Way Home, My Love Story, Last Night on Earth, My Love Story, Forever, My Way Home and My Love Story.


Frankie Goes to Hollywood has released four studio albums. These titles are Frankie Goes to Hollywood II, Frankie Goes to Hollywood III, Frankie Goes to Hollywood IV and Frankie Goes to Hollywood VI.

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