The Four Most Handsome Hollywood Actors

Handsome Hollywood Actors

Meta- Do you watch Hollywood movies for the plot and action or for the actors? Find the top four most handsome Hollywood actors below.

Hollywood movies are magnificent, so are its actors. The Hollywood industry has set a benchmark in the world for everything that it does. Here in the article, we are going to tell you about some of the most handsome Hollywood actors that are ruling the industry. While some people watch movies for the plot, others watch it purely because of their favorite actor. The Hollywood industry carries a strong influence on all other film industries in the world. Let us look at the most handsome Hollywood actors who have had a big role in maintaining the standards of the industry.

The Most Handsome Hollywood Actors

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This list consists of four most handsome Hollywood actors of all time. Those who are ruling the industry, or who have ruled it once, you can find them all here.

1 Tom Cruise

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This is the name everyone would be familiar with. He is one of the most popular, renowned and handsome Hollywood actors. Presently he is 58 years old. However, his age has nothing to do with the craze the audience has for his movies. Also, until now, he has got designations for three Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. His most famous film that made the maximum net profit is Mission Impossible: Fallout.

2 Brad Pitt

When we are talking about something related to men’s beauty, how can Brad Pitt be left behind? He still stands on the top of the list of handsome Hollywood actors. His eyes have the charm to make everyone fall in love with him. Not only his looks are to die for, but also his acting is worth praising. He has given notable performances in the Hollywood industry. It has got him to win an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

3 Ryan Reynolds

He is a Canadian-American actor, filmmaker, comedian, and screenwriter. However, he started his career with Canadian drama but has reached the top of the Hollywood film industry. He has given marvelous performance in two of the most famous movies of this era, i.e., Deadpool and Deadpool 2. It has led him to earn a start in 2017 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

4 Chris Hemsworth

He is an Australian on-screen actor who has scaled heights in Hollywood. His looks and acting skills are invincible. The sparkling eyes and the innocent face has made him get space in the list of most handsome Hollywood actors. His latest movie Avengers: Endgame, has renounced his popularity.

Other famous handsome Hollywood actors include Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jensen Ackles, Rami Malek, etc.


There is a long list of handsome Hollywood actors. However, we have mentioned some on the top of the list. Hollywood has always been the soul of talented and handsome actors and beautiful actresses. It takes really a good amount of hard work to reach the heights in the Hollywood industry. It is not always the storyline of the movie, but the actors that make a movie break all records. These famous and handsome Hollywood actors mentioned in the article above have kept the audience drooling over them for a long time. If you haven’t watched their on-screen performances, you are surely missing something.

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