The Different Facts Of Hollywood Undead Five Songs

hollywood undead five songs

Songs have been part of human civilization for a long while and they have continued to play a seminal role in all of our lives primarily because of the fact that we can connect to them. Songs are sometimes reflective of our mood while at other times it reflects the collective mood. No matter what is the case to be seen, one thing is for sure that human beings collectively love songs. That is why bands are so much popular. One such band is Hollywood undead. They have many hit songs. They are still in the mindset of people. In general, their popularity has remained nearly constant.

Types Of Songs By This Band

This band has been in the industry for a long while. Quite naturally they have a lot of fans. Their songs are immensely popular among these fans. What can be seen to be a psychological motivation among them is to know the facts behind some of their favorite songs. Thus in this article, we shall explore some facts of Hollywood undead five songs so that readers can benefit from it and know different intriguing aspects of it.

Choosing Of Hollywood Undead Five Songs

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It is immensely difficult to list all the songs of this largely popular band. So it in this particular article the focus will be on exploring the Hollywood undead five songs and these are some of the most popular songs to be seen in this case.

Day Of The Dead

This is the eponymous song from the same album sharing the same name. This is largely a melodious song. Charlie Scene who is the guitarist of this band is of view that he got the idea for this tune when he was in the washroom of the studio they engage in.


The song explores the falling dynamics of a metropolitan city. The different problematic aspects of a city, in general, have been discussed in the song at large for fans. It explores how the different dimensions of a city get corrupted with time with drugs and other problems.


It is a song about the past or rather the art of remembering the past where the rock tune is being used to emphasize the pain going on in the minds of countless people who continue to survive on the memories of the past.

From The Ground

The band considers this to be their heaviest song. A lot of effort has gone behind to compose the metallic tune at large. The song is the display of the collective effort of the band in making something unique for fans.

Sell Your Soul

This song as the name suggests is for a larger vision. The song is about how in the mundane aspects of life can one find extraordinary aspects. Those things need to be adhered to and explored with sincerity. 


Songs shall always be popular at large and this is true for all. That is why bands like Hollywood Undead are so famous even till now with fans around the world. We explored some of the Hollywood undead five songs here. 

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