The Best Of Tom Cruise -Mission Impossible Series

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Know more about the Tom Cruise movie with us. Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible is one of the best movie series of all time. This is one series whose parts have been liked by the audience and have been appreciated for the real-life stunts and serious action. Spy movies like Tom Cruise Mission Impossible have always been popular among the audience.

But this franchise has had a horde of fans that has been consistently following every update made about this movie. It has been more than 20 years since this franchise started and the number of fans Tom Cruise has does not seem to stop anywhere.

The Best Of Tom Cruise Mission Impossible
The Best Of Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible Series

The Movie Series – Mission Impossible

The 6-movie series of Mission Impossible has been one of the biggest box office hits globally and has earned more money than any other franchise in the Hollywood industry.

Tom Cruise’s character (Ethan Hunt) is one of the main characters who act as a spy for a secret spy organization of the government, called the IMF (Impossible Mission Force).

The first movie premiered in 1996 and has been running strong since with five more movies. The series of Mission Impossible is the 16th highest-grossing movie of all time.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Movie List

This series has six movies till now. Mission Impossible released in 1996, Mission impossible 2 released in the year 2000, Mission Impossible 3 in the year 2006, Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol 2011, Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation in 2015 and Mission Impossible Fallout in 2018.

All these six movies have been a major hit in the film industry and earned a lot of appreciation from both critics and audiences.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Stunts

The major part of this movie series has been the type of stunts that has been executed perfectly. The most important factor is that Tom Cruise prefers to do all these stunts by himself, every time. The stunts have been improvised and have become more dangerous movie after movie.

One such example of the dangerous stunt is in the movie Mission Impossible Fallout, where Tom Cruise attempted a free fall from the airplane himself and in the conclusion where he flew the helicopter himself to make it look real.

The actor has always been praised for his dedication to such roles. There was also a chasing scene where Tom Cruise broke the feet bone but continued to act like normal to complete the shot. If you want a reason to watch this series, serious and real action stunts would be one of them.

Tom Cruise And The Mission Impossible Team

Apart from Tom Cruise, there have been other actors in the franchise who have been working since the very start of it or have joined in the middle and are an inseparable part of the franchise now.

Actor Ving Rhames playing the character of Luther Stickell and actor Simon Pegg playing the character of Benji Dunn has been a part of the spy team with Ethan Hunt, who has been by his side and accompanied him on each mission.

The Best Of Tom Cruise Mission Impossible
The Best Of Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible Series

These characters provide humor, support and other emotions to the movie. They are a major part of the franchise and the IMF team as Tom Cruise is to the role of Ethan Hunt. Till now the movie franchise has earned over $828 million and continuing to grow with every day.

Whether you are a fan of this series or not, or even if you have not watched any of these movies, it is recommended for you to watch spy and action movies. It will satisfy you perfectly and you will surely become a great fan of this series and Tom Cruise.

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