The Best Harry Potter Movies On A Runtime

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Hollywood Movies List is an amazing application to monitor all kinds of Hollywood films present in the current market. If you’re a film lover then surely it’s the right choice for you to constantly monitor new movies coming into the market. Moreover, you can also monitor old and ongoing movie lists so that you do not have to visit other sources again for new films.

There are various categories available in this website such as dramas, action, comedy, family and kids. Moreover, you can even find a special category for home alone. If you think your friends and family will be too excited about watching the latest movie on television, then you can always log on to this site and just relax. On this website, you will get to know about various Hollywood stars and directors. By this way, you will get ideas about which film will interest you the most. So, come and get your home alone sorted out by the Hollywood movies list.

Good Home Alone Entertainment

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Many people think that a good home alone entertainment is provided by watching dumb charades on television. The producers always come up with new and funny characters every time. However, people get confused with the choices. Therefore, if you’re a dumb charade fan then you can always sort out these choices from the Hollywood movies list. This site offers numerous alternatives for entertainment like watching dumb charades, horror movies, action, sci-fi movies etc.

Let’s move on to the other categories of the best Hollywood movies according to genre. The first one is the fantasy/fantasy category where action, comedy and romance movies rule the roost. The most popular of them is of course the Jurassic Park which has been a box office hit since its release in 1993. However, this was not the only sci-fi film to be made during the 1990s. There were a few movies in this sub-genre that also made their mark!

The Action And Comedy Club

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If you’re a big fan of comedy, then you must see the latest Oscar award winners of Hollywood. The Oscar Awards ceremony is held during February at Hollywood and provides the best opportunity for comedies and dramas to be shown in the whole country. Therefore, get back your popcorn and look out for the Oscar favorites which will help you relax on those dull days of winter. There are several sites which provide the entire list of comedies which are must watch Hollywood movies online.

Action movies are some of the must watch Hollywood movies during the summer. There are many options in this genre, but I suggest you avoid the action genre altogether. I think that action is an inferior genre of Hollywood film. You will not get amazing special effects, awesome chase scenes and realistic dialogues in this genre.

The Mysterious and Character Oriented Genre

Then comes the serial killer category, which is also known as thriller. Although this is considered a crime thriller, this genre always grabs the attention of the audience. The reason being it’s easy to relate to the killer and the motive behind the crime. You will find many different types of serial killers in the Hollywood movies, from the cold blood killing serial killer to the spree killing serial killer. However, if you want to see the real life type of serial killer then you should go for Saw.

Finally, we come to the character oriented genre of Hollywood movies, which includes all the movies based on characters from this sub-genre. Most of the time, character-oriented movies are box office hits. This is because people like to identify themselves with the characters while watching a movie. In the case of these movies, the actors playing the characters are of great importance.

Binge Worthy Movies With Long Runtime

The other two genres which are in this category are Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. If you are a true Harry Potter fan then you must watch Hollywood movies and trailers of the Harry Potter series so that you get a feel for the world created by J.K. Rowling. Apart from the series of Harry Potter, the other three movies in this sub-genre are Jurassic Park, Rise of the Dinosaurs and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. On the other hand, if you loved Harry Potter, then you must see Jurassic Park and Rise of the Dragons.

On the other hand, if you loved the Harry Potter movies, then you must see Jurassic Park and Harry Potter as well. All these movies were shot during the summer and their runtime is anywhere from three to five hours. If you have a family with kids, you can make them sit in front of the television and enjoy all these fantastic Hollywood movies! However, it is important to mention that the Runtime of the movies are very long. Hence, it would be better to have someone accompany you who is aware of the plot and the theme of the movie so that they can guide you through the entire runtime.

Final Words

So, the next time you need to look for the best Hollywood movies according to your preference look no further than the online streaming websites. They offer you the most up-to-date version of each movie. There is no compromise on quality and the picture is crystal clear. So, I hope you have a great day ahead while enjoying the best Hollywood movies ever!

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