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tall hollywood actors

The famous Hollywood stars of yesteryear are still very much around and working today. These days, you will find many talented people in Hollywood who have achieved great success. However, most of these actors are not of average height and as a result do not get to enjoy such success. Here is an overview of some of the famous tall Hollywood actors that have achieved fame and fortune in this business.

List Of Famous Tall Hollywood Actors

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You have the great Michael Douglas, known for his roles on ‘ER’ 24′. He is not of average height. Michael Douglas is a huge fan of Bruce Willis, one of the most famous tall Hollywood actors. However, when it comes to films he has also been part of many different famous films, such as ‘Rocky’, ‘Sweeney Todd ‘Eagles of Death Metal’. He has also won a number of awards for his acting ability.

There is Tom Cruise, known for his films of the last few years. Tom Cruise has also been part of the famous Hollywood actors that have achieved fame in the industry. He started out his career by starring in ‘Top Gun’. He also played the lead role in ‘Collateral’. However, the best role that Tom Cruise has ever played was in ‘Seabiscuit’, which was also written by John Paul Jones.

Ronald Reagan is another famous tall Hollywood actor, who is now known to the world. In fact, Ronald Reagan is still alive, although he is no longer in office. Ronald Reagan is the president of the United States at the present time. Ronald Reagan is famous for his speeches, speeches and even for the books he wrote that have brought the US into a new era.

Most Charming Tall Hollywood Actors

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One of the most famous actors of all time is Denzel Washington. He began his career as a teenager in the movies, playing small roles. However, he has since become one of the best actors of all time, thanks to his huge successes in Hollywood. He is also a famous author and has written some of the bestsellers of all time. Among them are ‘Training Day’, ‘The Equalizer’, and ‘Walk the Line’.

The late Frank Sinatra is another famous actor of Hollywood. Sinatra was one of the biggest hits of the 1930’s and it is believed that he was the first popular musician to star in a movie. Sinatra is most well known for his voice. He is known for his songs like “My Way”, “Catch Me If You Can”You Can’t Catch Me”. Frank Sinatra was so popular in Hollywood that he made it big with the big band group, The Band.

Michael Jordan is also another tall Hollywood actor, famous for his basketball games and for being the NBA’s most recognized player. Michael Jordan was an icon during his playing years and won a number of titles, including three straight championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Explore More Tall Hollywood Actors

You can find many other tall Hollywood actors in this article. All of these are just a sample of the famous actors from this industry.

Some of the best known people from this industry are actually from this very tall Hollywood. Who would have thought that some of these actors might be sitting right here on this very page? Some of them are even tall enough to grace the walls of the White House!

These are the people who are famous in this industry. We will explore what you will need to do to get yourself noticed in this business.


There are several things you need to do to get noticed as an actor. There are several steps you can take that will get you noticed, but you will need to work hard at it. You will need to know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Once you know those two things, then it will give you the advantage over anyone else in this industry. You will have a leg up because you will be well aware of what it takes to get noticed in this business.

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