Taking a Peek at the News Hollywood Sign

news hollywood sign

It offers authentic Hollywood and Class Act experience. It is a permanent structure, which was constructed by L.A.P.A., the largest sign company in the United States. It is designed as a 75-foot covered loading ramp with a steel gondola leading up to the top level.

The structure was completed in less than three weeks. The hardest part of the construction was the building of the sign. Contractors had to use strong steel cables to fasten the steel gondola. Once the gondola was up, the next challenge was to fill it with water and keep it stable. The weight of the thousands of feet of concrete and steel cables was difficult to handle.

Painted With A Special Black Paint

A sign lit up at night

To overcome this issue, the sign was painted with a special black paint and attached to steel tubing wrapped around wooden beams. Water was poured into the wooden beams below the sign and then the sign itself was placed over the water. Once the sign was painted and secured, it was time to fasten the steel gondola to the beams. This was accomplished by six members holding on to each side.

Once this was done the sign was ready to be installed. Sixteen people were on hand to watch the sign being lowered into place one at a time. Two large trucks with flatbed semi trucks were used to carry the sign and its supporting beams onto the Sunset Strip. Many local workers were on hand to help perform all the labor necessary.

A Crane Was Used To Lift The Sign

A sign hanging from a tree

A crane was used to lift the sign and place it on the Strip. Hundreds of onlookers were invited to look at the sign as it was being lowered. Construction workers were very busy that day because a new theater was going to be built in the area. Many construction workers were on hand to help the sign get into position. One worker even stood up in the middle of the street and yelled “Hollywood Sign”, as he pointed.

Many local residents were glad to have a place to go when they left their home. The new Hollywood Sign was a great attraction for them. Even people driving by didn’t notice the massive sign. Most passersby just honk or smile. Some even stopped to take a look.

On The Sunset Strip

It wasn’t long before the Sign was a well established fixture on the Sunset Strip. Many celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Rod Stewart made frequent appearances at the Sign. The Sign was so popular that at one point, there were two competing teams who held annual races in place of the regular “News from Hollywood” announcements. The races were often won by a team from the West Coast.

The News Hollywood sign has had its ups and downs over the years. When it was first erected it was a huge deal. But it was quickly overshadowed by the flashy new buildings that rose up along the Sunset Strip. Today, there is only one building in existence that still contains the original sign. But the memories of those long ago days are cherished by those who were there when they were a big deal.

Hollywood Studios

Even the most ardent fan of the Sign isn’t actually sure how it got its start. There’s some disagreement over who came up with the idea but it was certainly in circulation prior to the Hollywood Studios. Some believe it was Tom Ford. Others say it was Louis B. Mayer. One thing is certain, no one was happy about the fact that they lost the battle to the Disney Empire.

It seems that they finally did win by creating something even more iconic. Today the News Hollywood sign is something to be seen, not merely looked at. Many people do take tours of the sign in order to get a glimpse of the sign and how it got its beginnings. But if you don’t want to spend the money to do that, you can just admire it from the comfort of your home. There are even TV shows that show people the way the Sign was originally constructed.

Final Words

But perhaps the best part of the Hollywood Studios Complex is the Orangeries. These are the actual control rooms where movies were filmed. In addition to this the studios also has two theaters which are named The Warfield and The Stadium. Each of these is a different size and has its own feel. While you’re there you might even get to see the actual sign itself!

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