Surprising Facts About The Godfather Movie

The Godfather has been one of the legendary movies in the history of Hollywood

The Godfather has been one of the legendary movies in the history of Hollywood. Movies like these gave us great actors like Al Pacino and many more. Know more about key facts about the Godfather.

The Godfather creates a cult of gangster type of movie genre which had a large fan following and a different fan base. Furthermore, the movie counts among the blockbusters in Hollywood and is still recognized as one of the best movies released to date.

Surprising Facts About The Godfather
Surprising Facts About The Godfather Movie

The Intense Storyline: The Godfather

The movie was built with an intense storyline and dark theme character. Some cults and fans dedicatedly follow the movie and are big fans of it. Moreover, they know every minute detail one can think of when it comes to this movie.

However, there are many other surprising facts that people often don’t get to know about the movie as it was never disclosed.

Hence, let’s take a look at some of the surprising and unknown facts about Godfather which made it much more interesting than it is.

The Godfather Actor Al Pacino Was Almost Fired

People around the world love Al Pacino’s role in the movie but this isn’t how it started. Although the actor was selected for the role by the director, the studio wasn’t convinced about it.

They wanted someone who can give more intensity to the gangster look and can look even more salacious. They wanted to fire Pacino out of the movie unless they show a shot of him where Michael kills Sollozzo and McCluskey.

This scene was so brilliantly acted that the studio immediately agreed for Al Pacino to play the role in the movie.

Coppola Fought To Keep The Puppet String Logo For The Godfather

Coppola is not only a great director but a reason for the success of the Godfather movie. He is also the reason why we still see the famous puppet string logo for the movie with Puzo’s name above the title.

Since Puzo co-wrote the script and was not the primary writer, the studio wanted to strip the existing logo. But Coppola wanted and fought for the logo to stay, as Puzo had a lot of contribution to the script.

Coppola Wanted To Keep The Storyline As Drama In The Godfather Movie

Coppola was deeply involved with the movie and invested a lot of time, not just only in the acting and the character, but also in the other minute things that were meant for others to handle.

The director wanted to keep the storyline as a period drama. As per the actor, it would attract more audience and would be better to narrate the storyline to the audience.

Not only that, Paramount studio asked Coppola to modernize the script in a way that looked like a 1972 story. However, Coppola insisted that the story should be made in the post World War 2 setting to give it an intense storyline.

Surprising Facts About The Godfather
Surprising Facts About The Godfather Movie

Family Dinner For Family Role

Coppola had weird but good ways of practicing and rehearsing the character in the movie Godfather. Therefore, all the actors who acted as a part of the family had to eat meals in between like a family.

This not only made them act like the character in their free time but also made them rehearse the characters.

The best part was the kind of intensity and natural acting it provided to the roles of all the actors. It was meant for the actors to establish them in the roles naturally.

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