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songs by hollywood undead

If you’re looking for the best songs by Hollywood Undead, you’ve come to the right place. The group consists of vocalist Scott Weiland (vocals/guitar), ex-hedge guitarist Kurt Vile (guitar), bassist Tim Burton (bass) and drummer Dave Grohl (drums). They are indeed very successful, and they have been playing shows for years. This article will show you some of their best songs.

“American Alpha” is their first single off their album American Alpha. The song has been voted as the best single off the album. It features demos from other artists such as Neck Deep and Kaleidoscope. This song was also the last track that they performed before they broke up. The song is a great example of the unique blend of pop and hard rock. Some guitar tricks also appear in the chorus.

“Hollywood Cemetery” is another great song from their catalog. This song has had some radio play but never got to number one in the UK. “Hollywood Cemetery” contains some very fast paced drum work that really makes it memorable. It also has a great guitar solo by Vile. This song definitely has a much faster tempo than many of their other songs.

Know About Hollywood Cemetery

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“Hollywood Cemetery” contains a nice acoustic guitar introduction towards the end. The song then quickly goes into a powerful version of “American Alpha”. It contains the same drum beats and guitar riffs that were heard on the acoustic part of “American Alpha”. This song is definitely one of their most important songs and contains the sample “American Pie” that was used on their first album.

One song from the set of their second album “Songs By Hollywood Undead” is “I Am The Highway”. This song was not included on their first album but is a great cut that contains the sample from the first track. The song sounds great live and is a great closer to a set that would not have been possible without this awesome intro. The middle section featuring two verses combined with a slow jam is perhaps the strongest portion of the song. During the outro jam Vile does a nice job of linking the song together with a great guitar solo.

“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is another great song off of I Am The Highway. This song features a nice acoustic instrumental section that works very well. Vile takes over and lays down some heavy vocals as he sings about blowing bubbles. A slowed paced guitar solo follows and the song ends with a nice sound effect. A beautiful and catchy title makes this song one of the best songs from the set of the Hollywood Undead.

Some Famous Albums

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“I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is probably my favorite from the first album. The song works very well as a standalone piece and would also work very nicely as a lead off song on an acoustic collection. The song samples were used on the first several albums, most notably “American Nightmare”, so it only makes sense that it should appear on this release as well.

“I Am The Highway” is another fantastic song from the first album which also samples “American Nightmare” from the second album. The song samples “Starstruck” from the second album. These two songs are among the best from the first album and are easily worth collecting as a single. They also are perhaps the best songs from the first album to feature a sample from the second.

Some Catchiest And Darkest Songs Of The Bunch

“Hollywood Cemetery” is probably the darkest of the bunch. It samples “Deacon Blues” from the second album. This track is heavy and very slow paced. It is also without a chorus, but contains enough melody to make the listener to dance. The lyrics are very dark and depressing and the music contains a lot of keyboards which adds to the atmosphere.

“Bagpipes for Lawns” is probably the catchiest of the bunch. The title has a double entendre and it is about bagpipes. This track features the band at their craziest. The guitar gets some heavy use, mostly by Doug Mark. Although not the best songs from the album, it is still a fun listen. Although not the greatest songs, it does contain one of the catchiest melodies.

Bottom Line

Finally, “Bagpipes for Lawns” is probably the album closer. I would rank it somewhere between the best songs and the worst songs. There are a few slow moments here and there, but nothing that will leave you scratching your head in confusion. I also love how at the end of the song the band says they are going to play a song for their fans. Overall, this is a fun album with great songs to sing along to.

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