Secrets Behind The Darth Vader Mask And Armour

The Star Wars franchise has been one of the most popular and richest movie franchises in the world. Not only the movie, but the franchise has also earned a lot through its toys, apparel and many other things. One of the most significant characters is Darth Vader.

Among the most popular things in this movie have been the lightsaber, the character that has been playing the role for years, and the special effects.

Secrets Behind Darth Vader Mask And Armour
Secrets Behind The Darth Vader Mask And Armour

But one thing that has been the most popular is Darth Vader. The personality behind the Darth Vader mask is being enjoyed and liked by the audience over the years. The Darth Vader mask not only represents the villain but also characterizes how good can turn to evil.

The entire character setup has been made in such a way that it characterizes that intensity of a negative character. The mask and armor were specifically designed to give the character a dark black feel, showing the darkness of the character, adding to a bit of suspense and intensity.

The Darth Vader Mask And Armour Are Required To Survive

The mask and the armor are not just a shiny piece of black metal but it holds a very important function for the character of Darth Vader. The mask is what makes him live and breath.

When Anakin was almost dead with his body parts cut off, the suit is what held his entire body and the mask is what made him breathe easily. Hence we hear the character’s heavy breathing in the movie every time and that mechanical kind of voice.

The Technological armor is very advance and provides life support to the body of a person, helping him to survive even in the hardest and problematic situations.

Design Of The Mask

When the audience asked the directors and the producers about the Darth Vader mask, they said it was hard to finalize the design we see today. As per them, they had to go through a lot of different designs to finalize something that looks futuristic and also gives that dark feeling to the character.

After checking ample designs, the team was still not sure about how dark the Darth Vader mask would look. Also, the dark black color in designing was a different color at that time. It took a month to finally decide on the mask design and the color.

Similarly, the mask of the soldiers was also designed, which can be seen in the color white. The mask was originally not designed in black, but later it was transformed to look stealthier and more intense for the kind of role the actors had to play.

Secrets Behind Darth Vader Mask And Armour
Secrets Behind The Darth Vader Mask And Armour

Darth Vader Armour

The armor design was not less than a marvel for the designing team. Just like the mask, there was a lot of discussion on what type of design should be finalized for the villain.

The cape was a great trend when Star Wars were about to start, so they added a cape to the dress. The entire armor color was black to give it a stealthy and mechanical look that could match the Darth Vader personality.

The armor also had a few mechanical types of equipment attached to it, showing the life support mechanism that kept Anakin alive and running. The final design of the armor took months of designing and efforts but when finalized, everyone loved it.

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