Scientology Celebrity Actors – A Look At Some Of The Long-term Favorite Members

hollywood actors in scientology

Scientology has long been a subject of curiosity among Hollywood insiders. As a religion, Scientology can be considered heretic by many, and many celebrities have spoken out against it. Scientology has a secret hierarchy, called the “Scientology Celebrity Centre”, and its aim is to groom and train future celebrities. In fact, Scientology states that it will help present day celebrities better understand life.

Different Wings Of Scientology

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Scientology in the United States has two different wings, including the Sea Organization and the church Scientology council. The church of Scientology is strictly controlled by the church itself, without any other governing body. Scientology advertises that those who join are cleansed of bad habits, and that they should report any traumas they may experience during their time in the Sea Organization. Many ex-Scientology members have also left the organization, and they form what is known as the “Scientology Detoxification Centre”. During this process they undergo counselling and are taught to look at their lives differently. This helps them to deal with their past and come to terms with their present.

In the United States, there are two main Scientology centres. The International Scientology Churches International is based in New Jersey and is led by celebrity member Tom Cruise. The American Scientology Church is headed by David Miscavige and is based in Los Angeles. The religion uses several tactics to recruit followers, and it has hundreds of facilities all over the world. In the UK, it has branches in Birmingham, England, and Dublin, Ireland, while in Australia it has centres in Melbourne and Sydney.

Locations For Scientology Activities In The US

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There are two main locations for Scientology activities in the US, and these are Flag Land Base and the London Centre. The Flag Land Base in fact has been the location where the movie “Star Wars: A CLONE OF THE SPECTRE” was filmed. The land has a great deal of Scientology compounds and Ideal Orgasms. There is also a drug rehab centre here called the London Centre. The centres are run by the church’s local Scientology organisation.

As far as those Scientology celebrities who have surfaced in Hollywood, there is one in particular who has been a big hit. That would be Lisa Marie Presley, who made the really popular album called Born Standing. On that album, she sings about being married to a wealthy man, who ended up forcing her into sex slavery. She ended up going to a Scientology rehab facility in upstate New York, and here, she is said to have had counselling given by a very successful Scientologist called Rinder.

Rinder As A Famous Hollywood Actor

Rinder is now well-known in Hollywood as one of the most successful trainers of actors and actresses. In fact, former Scientology Celebrity Auditor Mike Rader claims that Rinder is the person who gave Scientology its secret auditing processes. Scientology insiders say that Rinder is a very good trainer, and is well worth the money you spend for his services. Scientology also has an actor called Tom Cruise on their team. While he does go to Scientology centers in New York and LA, he also goes out on the road with his own travelling unit, known as the Bridge Organization.

Summing Up 

The best Scientology Celebrity is Lisa Marie Presley, with her well-publicized marriage to Scientology founder Scientology leader Jim Packham. Lisa Marie has stayed out of the public eye since the marriage and has only been required to make brief, limited statements regarding her ties to Scientology. Her appearance at the 2021 Oscar Awards made the news because her performance was meant to be a tribute to her mother, Mary Sheets. She received an award for the role of mother, and a few days later, Jon Ragen joined her on stage at the Satellite World Theater in London, where they both performed a song together.

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