Movies: The Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time

Movies: The Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time

There are so many classics in the form of Hollywood movies that everyone should watch at least one of them. Whether it’s a good or bad movie depends on your point of view. But what about the best Hollywood movies of all time?

Each and every person have their favorite movies. Not only are there some that seem to be passed down through generations, but there are also some that are simply timeless. The best example of this is the “Dirty Harry” series. These were not only movie classics but they actually became real-life heroes.

Movies: The Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time
Movies: The Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time

Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time

Dirty Gun

The first one was “Dirty Gun.” Written by Dalton Trumbo, and written from the point of view of a man who kills someone on a regular basis, this one was one of the most famous examples of the “Dirty Harry” story.

Fist Of Fury

The second one was “Fist of Fury.” In this one, there was a Vietnam War veteran who was an instructor for a military police group that had been tasked to apprehend a fugitive. This one was probably his greatest success.

The Blues Brothers

Next up is the “The Blues Brothers” series. A little known fact is that the first one, “Blues Brothers,” was produced by a company called Columbia Pictures. It starred John Belushi and Warren Oates. Their characters were played by brothers Rob and Davey, who later became famous as Cheech and Chong.

Blazing Saddles

The last is the “Blazing Saddles” series. Written by Mel Brooks, this one has remained popular even after several decades have passed. The title character is a Western sheriff who is also a womanizer. This was a movie that was both hilarious and tragic and is still not even close to being forgotten.

Movies have been coming out with each and every year. A lot of people watch the movie in order to learn something new. In fact, there is a lot of homework that has to be done just to figure out what people liked, and if they hated the movie.

Great Range Of Series

With so many movies coming out, it becomes harder to figure out which ones are the best Hollywood movies of all time. However, that doesn’t mean that the entire movie industry has become a kind of cliche. It’s still a real challenge to get a person to sit down and watch a movie that they haven’t seen before.

I know that I can’t always watch my favorite movie. Some are more difficult to watch than others. However, there are certain movies that are so well made that they will always be fondly remembered by me and my friends.

Some of my favorites are the “Couples Retreat” series, and “Couples Cowboy Movie.” These are movies that I can almost guarantee I won’t forget. Although the romantic comedy “We’re the Millers” has actually become one of my top 10 movies of all time.

Movies: The Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time
Movies: The Best Hollywood Movies Of All Time


If you’re looking for a really crazy movie, you might want to check out “The Princess Bride.” With all the jokes and references, this movie is one of the most talked-about movies that you can find online.

I hope you will enjoy these movies as much as I do. Just try not to pass out while watching them.

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