Most Famous Muslim Actors In Hollywood

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The most famous Muslim actors in Hollywood are the same people over again. However, I have to say on the positive side of things, because most actors considered “most famous Muslim” in Hollywood are pretty talented people. Take Bela Hadid, for example. She’s the most loved musician by the press, but she also sells millions of records and is an outstanding actress.

Mahershala Ali

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Let’s admit it, The Mahershala Ali was one of the most handsome and versatile Muslim actors in Hollywood, and many people loved him. Many good Muslim actors never get the chance to be seen on the silver screen. But Mahershala Ali was just out of the box. So you have some of the biggest names in Hollywood, who are also amiable people. This makes The Most Loved Muslim celebrities in Hollywood.

Mahershala Ali had gained a lot of popularity in such a short period. Mahershala Ali is very famous for his role in Moonlight and has won an Oscar for the same role. He is a converted Muslim and was a Christian by religion before the year 2000. He was also part of the golden globe-winning show “Ramy.”

Ice Cube

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Ice cube is also a converted Muslim actor in Hollywood. Ice cube was a very famous rapper cum actor of the 90s era. Ice cube is an American rapper cum actor. Right now, an Ice cube is more into filmmaking. Ice cube started his career as a rapper and was very popular in those days. His famous bands are C.I.A. and Easy D. 

Zayn Malik

What about Zayn Malik? Zayn Malik is a famous American singer and actor whose father is a Pakistani- Britisher. He got famous through his music band “One Direction.” However, many statements are quoting that he no longer follows Islam religion. 

Dave Chapelle

He is one amongst the most prominent actors in Hollywood right now but is hated by many. He is famous for walking away from a 50 million dollar contract. He is an incredible talent, but he has managed to shadow his capabilities and become a pariah in the industry like all other great talents. He converted to Islamic religion in 1998, People despise the Dave Chapelle autographs, and they are willing to pay or do just anything to get a hold of one. For these reasons, he is also considered one of the most infamous celebrities in Hollywood.

Maz Jobrani

Well, one of the funniest people in Hollywood is Maz Jobrani. People love watching him on T.V. and his stand-up mic events, but people do not like his movies. Maz Jobrani came into the limelight with his “Axis of Evil” comedy group. The stand-up comedian belongs to Iran and is known for his light humor-based content on Muslim ideology.

Summing Up

Many actors in Hollywood have converted to Muslims or are Muslims. However, there are no such discrimination stories faced by any of the above artists. Hollywood welcomes all religions and has no sort of discrimination based on religion or color.

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