Most Famous Hollywood Songs of All Time

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The introduction of songs in Hollywood movies started way back in the 1920s. Some Hollywood songs were explicitly based on the movies’ stories. While some of the tunes are forever linked with a Hollywood movie as the tune has synced so wonderfully with the film. One such example is Céline Dion singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the movie Titanic. That song is over two decades old but is and will be a multi-generation hit. Let’s discuss some of the most famous Hollywood Songs:

  1. ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’
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The song is from the famous Hollywood film Buck Privates, which was released in the year 1941. This song became a wartime classic for many soldiers from across the globe during the 2nd world war. The song was sung by Andrews Sisters and is still sung by the people of this generation. This song has become immortal and that is why is at the top of the list.

  1. ‘Mona Lisa’
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The song ‘Mona Lisa’ is from the Hollywood film Captain Cary, released in 1950. It is rightly said that Jazz music has a different influence on some. This jazz hit from the 1950s is still played in various retro clubs across the globe. The song composer Jay Livingston had to convince Nat King Cole for weeks before he finally nodded. The song was then the number one song for 12 weeks.

  1. ‘Live And Let Die’

If you think that Bond films only had action, then you are wrong. The song was from the famous Bond film titled ‘Live And Let Die’ in 1973. The song has the distinction of being nominated for a Grammy under two different performers. The first nomination was for songwriter Paul McCartney, in 1974 and the second time it got nominated was when Guns N’ Roses reprised this song in 1991.

  1. ‘My Heart Will Go On’

Needless to say that this song is an all-time hit. Celine Dion became a household name after this song got released. The song is the romantic ballad played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio from the iconic film Titanic. She did a fantastic job with the song’s modulation and was rewarded with the Academy Award for the song.

  1. ‘Capital Letters’

Fifty Shades of Grey became the most sought after Hollywood films of recent times. In the third and the last part, titled the song ‘Capital Letters’ by Hailee Steinfeld became an instant hit. The film released in 2018, and the song has thus far crossed over 150 million views on YouTube. No Hollywood song thus far has achieved the distinction of 100million + views on YouTube.

Various other famous Hollywood songs such as ‘You Must Love Me’ by Maddona and Bryan Adams ‘Heaven’ from the Hollywood film A Night In Heaven, among others, are still trendy.

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