List of the Top Songs From the Hollywood Undead

hollywood undead top songs

This list of Hollywood Undead top songs is a list that should be experienced and listened to for Halloween. If you want a good time during Halloween and don’t want to buy a Halloween CD, listening to the top songs on this list is the best way to enjoy Halloween. You will not regret it.

Ghost And The Walking Dead

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The Ghost and the Walking Dead by Zombie Massacre is a great song. Listening to this zombie rock music will put a smile on your face and make your evening at home even better than ever. Zombie Massacre is an excellent mix of death metal and horror music. If you enjoy being in a band that goes hard and leaves no place for party bloopers, then Zombie Massacre is for you.

Lawn Of The Saints

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If you have never heard the song Lawn of the Saints from Lawn of the Dead, you are in for a treat. This is probably my favorite Dead tune, and I have heard everyone sing it to death. This is another excellent mix of music and death metal.

Black Roses

The Black Roses by Ozzy Osbourne is another great rock song. I remember hearing this song on MTV when they did their song listing for the induction into the Hall of Fame. This song brought on memories of great nights out with my friends. It has a crazy guitar solo and screams! This song will get you going when you hear it.


Ashamed by The Hollywood Undead is a song about getting your rock star hair cut. Everyone loves to get their hair done and make a fashion statement. When you listen to Ashamed, you get some idea how bands will play around this track. The music is fast-paced and has a great beat.

This is probably the hardest song on the list. I cannot think of a more popular song in the world. This is a rock song about abstinence. I am sure that there have been discussions about abstinence from sex during this time. This was also the song that made me cry.

This is probably the most depressing music I have ever heard. Listening to this song makes you feel like you are not alone and is a great song to calm you down. There are other depressing songs on this list that might help you see something good about your situation if you are struggling with it.

These are some of the best songs from The Hollywood Undead. They bring back memories of great nights out with friends. I would always recommend them to anyone who likes excellent rock music to cry to. I cannot think of a band that has made me feel this way. This is music to set your mood for a night. Rock on, Hollywood Undead.

Final Words

These are just a few songs from the fantastic Hollywood Undead music collection. If you have never been to a concert or purchased any of their albums, then now is the time to do so. I have been blown away by some of the music they have created. There is just something great about the music and the story behind it.

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