List Of Gay Hollywood Actors

Gay Hollywood Actors

There are some smoking hot celebs in Hollywood, but the tinsel town’s gay elite are no less. They are handsome and hot. Further, the best thing about them is that they love themselves as they are. Moreover, they are not shy about accepting their preferences. In addition to this, times have changed, and people are accepting persons in the way they are. No judgments and no questions. Here is a list of a few gay Hollywood actors.

However, you must know that these people’s sexual preferences have never come in the ay of their success or accomplishments.

Olly Alexander

Olly Alexander has never been shy about his sexuality. Also, he believes that it is the best time for the gay community to come out and accept themselves. Recalling his childhood, he says that he has always been bullied at school for wearing makeup. However, though, he wanted the bullies to stop. Yet he knew that he was different, and this was his way to find his own identity.

David Burtka

A person holding a tattoo on his head

His smile is his biggest charm. Moreover, he can sing, dance, cook and act. He is married to Neil Patrick Harris and bears two children with him. Further, his first book on cooking’ Life is a Party’ came out in spring 2019.

Cheyenne Jackson

Jackson has a great voice, and when he was in broadway, he probably made us melt with his sweet voice. Further, he is not only a singer but has a great comic timing too.

Scott Evans

Not many people knew that Chris Evans had a smoking hot brother. He is charming and passionate about his work. Moreover, he is surely making his way to become one of the hottest celebs in Hollywood.

You might have seen him in Netflix hit Grace and Frankie as Oliver.

Ross Mathews

Well, Ross Mathews was always on fire when he was a regular guest host of Chelsea Lately. Further, he started hosting his show, Hollywood Today Live. He is smart, adorable, and makes us laugh with his amazing jokes.

Sam Smith

Let us get real, this guy sings like a choir of angels. Further, he is smart, elegant, and charming. Sure lots of heart broke when he became open about his sexuality. He has a great music career, and everyone is in awe of his melodious voice.

Jim Parsons

He came out in public, accepting his sexuality in 2012. Since then, he is quite open and also ridicules people who make fun of the gay community. He believes that if you insult the gay community, you are directly speaking wrong about me.


So these were some of the famous people who are gay. The whole idea about this is to make you know that your sexuality will never come in between of your success. Further, you should accept people as they are as you have no right to question people over their sexuality. Moreover, there is a lot to see in a person than his sexual preferences.

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