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For many people, there is a clear distinction between the Hollywood gossip hounds who report celeb gossip and the people who report the facts. And, Hollywood residents, including actors, producers, and directors, are always quick to point out that they are just reporting the news. This difference between the two kinds of people becomes apparent during the summer. Local TV news anchors and reporters covering the most popular Hollywood celebrities make their decisions about which stories to cover based on popularity and current interest. The celebrity gossip hounds go for the big story, while the local anchors and reporters go for the story that has legs.

It would be wrong to think that there isn’t some significance to the entertainment business in the Los Angeles area. People from all over Southern California get a daily dose of music, movie releases, and sports news. As you might expect, many of the people who are tuning into their local TV stations and local newspapers have become expert Hollywood gossip watchers. In other words, there is a segment of the population that is interested in the latest scoop and is willing to spend money to get it.

What Goes On In The Gossip Hounds’ World

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However, there is also another group of people who feel that Hollywood is so far removed from their own lives that they don’t need to know what goes on in the gossip hounds’ world. These people have different goals and tastes than the average Hollywood resident. They may not be watching the stars but they are paying for the entertainment that they receive from Hollywood. And, they have the resources to find out what the latest Hollywood gossip is.

When people decide to move into the Los Angeles area, the first thing they notice is the abundance of choices when it comes to housing. There are plenty of high rise towers and beautiful apartment complexes available. But, many people also choose to live in the more suburban parts of the city, close to where all the action is. This gives them access to all the entertainment, shopping and dining that are available in the area. Unfortunately, many Hollywood residents complain that there is not enough cultural activity in the area. The lack of cultural activities makes the town seem small and deprived of its uniqueness.

Lots Of Rumors, Stories And Snags About Where They Live

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With all the talk of celebrities living in the area, there are bound to be lots of rumors, stories and snags about where they live. These stories make for fascinating entertainment and can fill in any blanks about Hollywood. For example, one afternoon a friend of mine heard on the radio about how some people in Hollywood had taken the initiative to repaint a driveway that led to their home. As a result, they were pelted with stones as they drove down the road. But, luckily for the homeowners, the local news was there to provide backup and they got the news from the local TV station.

Other stories that get reported in the local news are stories about the many celebrities that make their home in Hollywood. Everyone has heard of the rich and famous that have moved into this city over the years and, because of its central location, Hollywood is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, there are some people who try to live out of the limelight because they cannot afford to take public tours and other sorts of publicity. They prefer to keep to themselves and enjoy what life has to offer. But, the fact is that without the entertainment provided by these people, the town would not be as popular as it is today.

The Local Newspaper, The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce

In the Hollywood Hills area, you will find two large movie making studios. There is also a major television production company. Most of the people that work in the television industry started out in Hollywood and, consequently, many of them have made their homes here.

Therefore, you will find movies, television shows and other forms of entertainment being produced right here. And, the main source of information for the local news reporters and other media personnel is the local newspaper, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Camera.

Final Words

These three major newspapers publish the latest news stories and have full-color pages. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce puts on many events and parties to attract people to the area. This is why the local news channels often send staff to cover the various events going on in the city and they even have reporters that can report on local news from time to time.

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