Let’s Peep Into Steps Of The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Stars

Interesting Facts About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Stars

Life is all about standardization if you are a celebrity. Celebrities are eager to start their work with the promotion of their movies. They can do anything for this. They not only promote their films with TV but also attach it with numerous rumors. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has started marketing the chamber of commerce. It is a proper strategy to give standard and up the level of celebrities. It must be the most famous event and a thing worth watchable. Many interesting facts are showing the new face of Hollywood celebrities that eager to earn this fame.

Some Exciting Fact Of Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame Is As Follows: – 

Let’s Peep Into Steps Of The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Stars
Let’s Peep Into Steps Of The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Stars
  • Startup of the Hollywood walk of fame: – In 1953, The Chamber’s volunteer president Stuart introduced the idea to get people to see famous people’s names even if they never got to meet them in person. When it has begun, everybody thinks about how to promote tourism and become famous. Then Los Angeles City Council gives a right node in it and presents this idea. 
  • Only Entertainers can gain it: – The stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame are only for that person who entertains the audience and give them 100%. After some years, this community adds one more category, so now it is giving to those who are related to Television, Radio, Motion Pictures, Theatre & live performance and Recording and Music. In all these categories, some main profile persons can get this chance.
  • First-star name: – When Hollywood Walk of Fame officially began, Stanley Kramer was the first star that gets it on March 28, 1960. Stanley Kramer is the most famous director that is famous for exciting movies. 
  • More than one star can be possible: – Chamber can give more than one star to a particular Celebrity. The application and fee process is different for every actor.
  • Expensive application: – The nomination process is very costly. Many celebrities are walking away from this process. Although nominated by a fan, celebrities need to see all circumstances and have the right to withdraw the nomination.
  • Some politicians have star: – this star is indeed not only for those who are good on TV or any entertainment but also be part of politicians. Many high power celebrities Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan have to grab it on their time of presidency. 
  • Take back of stars: – Stars is the symbol of good deed and entertainment, but it could have taken back from the celebrity. There could be various reasons like types with misspelled all detail, the Stolen star can be replaced, celebrity’s serious scandal, bad behavior of celebrities, and celebrity can remove their name back.

Conclusion: –

Hollywood’s walk of fame is not new for anyone. But with the name and reputation, this star gaining game is very competitive and expensive. It is the symbol of the status of any celebrity. It could be taken back from them for various reasons. From the beginning, it has many interesting facts that we discussed above.

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