How the Republican Hollywood Stars Are Giving Politics a Bad Image

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How the Republican Hollywood Stars Are Giving Politics a Bad Image

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Republican Hollywood stars were critical of President George W. Bush’s performance on the” Tonight Show” in the weeks after the terrorist attacks in 2021. Many more political celebrities were critical as well. This included Chris Matthews, although he said he thought Bush was being fair in his criticism. He said, “I don’t believe that anybody should ever criticize a president in any way, shape, form or fashion, without knowing what they are talking about, and especially if they are a former president.” Liberal talk show hosts also took shots at Bush and said his performance was less than stellar, much like liberal critics of the administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Not to be outdone, the Democrats put out a hit film about the Bush administration and President George W. Bush’s failures. The movie was called “Wanted.” Democratic nominee for president, Senator Barrack Obama made an appearance on “The Late Night Show” to discuss the attack on U.S. facilities in Iraq. He told host Jay Leno, “You know, I am beyond just being an election candidate; I am also a president, and I intend to be.”

Then-actor Tom Cruise came out with a strong condemnation of the Bush Administration’s war in Iraq. When pressed on whether he believed the war was a mistake, he said, “No. I don’t. There is no justification for war. And I think that the people of America understand that.”

Hollywood favorite Talk

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Another Republican actor and Hollywood favorite, George Clooney, threw a fit when asked about the war. “If you go on any network television show and talk about the war in Iraq, you get yelled at. You’re called names. It is absolutely nuts,” he said. Added Clooney, “This is a bunch of malarkey.”

Then-actor Tom Selleck was another Hollywood star who spoke out. Speaking with CNN’s Larry King, he said, “Well, first of all, I am a war veteran, and I did not volunteer to fight in Vietnam, and I am embarrassed that some politicians treat me this way, because that’s not my style.

And the Democrats treat me terrible too, although I am a registered Democrat, which I suppose is kind of funny, because I’d rather be dead than voting for a bunch of Democrats.” Selleck went on to say that he thought voting for the Democrats was a waste of time and money, adding, “Look at what we’ve done in the United States of America.”

Hollywood Stars Made Statements

In 2021, two other Republican-backed Hollywood stars made statements critical of the Bush Administration. Tom Hanks said, “I could care less about Iraq. The World Bank should concentrate on its business model, rather than starting political arguments. All they want to do is increase their gold medals.” George Clooney said, “My problem with President Bush is that he has a way of speaking that makes me feel comfortable, and I’m not sure if he’s even all that interested in the world vision.” Both men warmed up the political rhetoric when speaking against the Bush Administration’s policies on energy, the media, war, and taxes.

One of these Republican celebrities went so far as to call the Democrats the party that wants to Armchair Vote. That is rather unfortunate, considering the party has been accusing the Bush Administration of lying to the American people about the effects of global warming. And yet, there is no war, and no Democratic cause for war, and yet these two actors call the Democrats the party that wants to armchair-vote.

On the other hand, Republicans are equally united in their opposition to the Obama Administration’s policies on health care, the media, taxes, the War in Iraq, and so on. The Tea Party, which is also funded by the Koch brothers, has endorsed Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for President, and although many within the Republican base support him, most party members are still lukewarm at best, and most are more or less afraid to stand by him. Some even fear that McCain will not be able to win the election.

Wrapping Up

So it seems that Hollywood sided with the Democrats in this political war, and although they’ve done a lot of good by bringing much needed money to the Republican cause, they have put the country in a very bad position, and have jeopardized our ability to protect our soldiers and the morale of the men and women in the military that are fighting our wars overseas. Is Hollywood going to stand up to that? You betcha!

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