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Celebrity news is the most searched topic on the internet. But nothing is shocking about this! This has been the bitter truth of all times more than their nations’ political and economic condition; readers are interested in the celebrity gossip. People do not want to learn about the internal turbulence of their own countries. But a spicy flick from the lives of their favorite stars is always welcome! Earlier, this trend was observed from the huge revenues gathered by celebrity magazines, and today, a similar fact is being exposed on the internet. Today I’ll share the information about the hottest celebrity Hollywood life news and gossip for you.

Cher Pays Tribute To ‘Stunning’ Co-Star Olympia Dukakis After Her Death: ‘Rip Dear One’ 

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Cher, 74, presented a contacting recognition on her previous co-star Olympia Dukakis, who died at 89 years old on May 1, in a post loaded with pictures on Twitter. The singer, who worked with the late actress in the 1987 satire Moonstruck, called her “astounding” and referenced her late spouse Louis Zorich in the sweet tweet. The depictions she connected showed the gushing couple presenting and grinning together. 

She tweeted that “Olympia Dukakis Was an Amazing, Academy Award Winning Actress. Olympia Played My Mom In Moonstruck, and Even Though Her Part was That Of a Suffering Wife, We,” she composed prior to adding a giggling emoticon. “Constantly. She Would Describe to Me How MUCH She Loved Louis, Her ‘Attractive, Talented, Husband.’ I Talked To Her 3Wks Ago. Tear Dear One.”

Dannielynn Birkhead, 14, Is So Grown Upin Turquoise Jovani Suit At Kentucky Derby With Dad Larry


Anna Nicole Smith’s little girl, Dannielynn Birkhead, is so grown up! The 14-year-old presented with her father, Larry Birkhead, 48, has a yearly dad little girl custom of going to the Kentucky Derby. A day prior to the 2021 Derby, Larry and Dannielynn got all dressed up to head to the Churchill Downs race track. 

The youngster glanced such glitz in a turquoise suit by Jovani, diverting the ’80s with large intense catches. She added a rhinestone face veil to the look and a red lip. “Despite the fact that our number one occasion, The Barnstable-Brown Party, will not be back until one year from now, we chose to take off on this lovely day to Churchill Downs course in anticipation of The Kentucky Derby,” Larry composed. 

As a feature of the occasion, the couple went to the 2019 Kentucky Derby Eve Gala, held at Patricia Barnstable Brown’s Louisville home. However, Dannielynn changed around her dress for the yearly issue, selecting to wear a radiant yellow dress with pink botanical subtleties for the occasion — likewise by Junona. Dannielynn and Larry have gone to the Kentucky Derby yearly since 2010, which is the lone public appearance they make yearly. The occasion has specific importance as it’s likewise where Larry met Anna Nicole Smith years prior. 

Larry, who has filled in as an entertainer, model, and photographic artist, has recently named Dannielynn her mom’s “inheritance.” Their similarity is without a doubt uncanny, especially their splendid, wide smiles. The 14-year-old was only 5-months-old when Anna Nicole — who was known as a Guess? Model and reality star — passed on of an accidental drug overdose on February 8, 2007. 

The single parent has put forth an attempt to keep his young girl out of the spotlight, unobtrusively bringing her up in his home province of Kentucky. “I think here in Kentucky is as typical as possible,” Larry clarified in a 2017 meeting with Inside Edition. “She cherishes school. She adores her companions. I simply trust that she thinks ambitiously and achieves a ton,” he likewise said. Not long after, he additionally noticed that he had turned down promising circumstances for Dannielynn to display since she “doesn’t show any interest in it” and she “needs to be a child” to 20/20.

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