Hollywood’s Most Popular Actors

hollywood top actors

Who are they? They are the Hollywood elite, the movie stars who have made it big in the industry. These are the Hollywood elite actors, most commonly known, most popular, and generally performing well in most box office hits. These are the people who have made it big in Hollywood.

Popular Hollywood Actors

Many consider the likes of Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Denholm Elliott to be among the finest among the Hollywood elite. These are the actors with the big Hollywood names. These are the Hollywood top actors, who are well known for their on-screen chemistry, acting abilities, and winning roles. Some of these actors earn over $75 million a year, while others have made millions or billions.

Kevin Spacey

A man that is standing in the dark

Who are these Hollywood elite actors? Well, the most popular among them would have to be Kevin Spacey. Spacey is the best known as an actor, but he has also played important parts in television shows, films, video games, and other media. He is a multi-faceted character actor, who has been able to make loyal fans, as well as complete cult following due to his interesting and complex characters. Spacey is one of the few actors who can draw from a wide range of emotions, which is a rare combination to find in most actors.

Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman also belongs to this Hollywood elite. In fact, he is probably best known for his two series, which have been made as movies, and were successful. The first one is Easy Rider, while the second is Dark Water. These are two of his biggest successes in the film industry. As for Denholm Elliott, one must mention his two honors, which include an Academy Award for his performance in We Are Marshall, as well as numerous awards for his acting performances on television. He has also been nominated three times for an Academy Awards for his acting performance in One Hundred Best Films.

Another actor who belongs to this Hollywood elite would be Nicholas Hoult. He is known for his roles in such films as Man on the Moon, Fearless, and The Replacements. Before going into the film industry, Nicholas Hoult had worked on Broadway, where he gained some experience in playing different characters. He is also a multi-faceted character actor, who has been able to make loyal fans, as well as complete cult following due to his interesting and complex characters.

If we look at the list of Hollywood’s top actors, one actor who can be considered to be a part of this elite is Henry Cavill. The son of two Hollywood superstars, Cavill was supposed to be a distant success, after the end of the Harry Potter series. However, with the release of his third film The Tudor Cavill managed to reinvent himself. His acting career started well with the movie Man on the Moon, which helped him gain further popularity, after which he received another Best Actor award for his role in the film Gladiator.


Other famous actors in the Hollywood industry are Brad Pitt, Jude Law, and Ben Affleck. All these actors have different careers, with each actor having a distinct charm. However, they have all managed to make their mark in the industry, and have also managed to make their mark in Hollywood by playing important roles in popular TV shows. The success of such shows like The Mentalist and The Shield, as well as movies like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure helped them in their career, as they were able to create iconic characters. For this reason, they all have quite popular reputations in the industry.

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