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hollywood undead swan songs b sides

Containing songs that hadn’t made it to American Tragedy’s tracklist- the second studio album of Hollywood Undead with a Metacritic score of 8.6 with universal acclaim, Hollywood Undead’s Swan Songs B-Sides is the American rap rock band’s first extended play record. It was released on the 23rd of June in the year of 2009 and contains elements of punk-infused instrumentals alongside hip-hop influences. If music could have a grunge aesthetic, this EP would be it. Having debuted in the Billboard 200, and peaked at #20 and #50 in the Top Hard Rock Albums and Top Rocks albums respectively in the United States, the album was loved by its American rock fans. The vinyl was released in celebration of Record Store Day, which was a day that honored independent music stores. This article contains information on Hollywood Undead’s Swan Songs B-Sides and a short review of each track

A short review of the four songs is as follows.

Hollywood Undead Swan Songs B Sides – Track One- Pain

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This song runs for two minutes and forty-two seconds and is packed with powerful lyrics that on the surface may just seem like it’s about enduring pain but they are much deeper than that and can even be used to explain the current scenario of the world and humanly connections as it is applicable even in today’s times, over a decade later. The singing sounds like part rap and part screams but it goes well with the entire vibe of the song and sounds good nonetheless.

Hollywood Undead Swan Songs B Sides – Track Two- The Natives

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The bass in this track is slower and lower and comparatively steadier to the previous afore-mentioned track. It runs for nearly four minutes, and they use storytelling in their lyrics to pay homage to their individual stories. Also, the vocals in this song have reduced blares than the previous song and have lesser tones of vulgarism.

Hollywood Undead Swan Songs B Sides – Track Three- Knife Called Lust

This song is faster but it has a steady pace and the chorus is a lot more melodic right before the pre-chorus which involves gore screams and loud raps. The song runs for exactly three minutes and talks about lust and love and the thin bridge between both.

Hollywood Undead Swan Songs B Sides – Track Four- The Loss

The song begins with a low and slow instrumental piece followed by loud rapping and the chorus is addictive since it has a great hook and is paced very well. It addresses suicide and suicidal thoughts one may have and most Hollywood Undead fans find comfort in this song.


The synchronization between the musical vocals and tumultuous raps in all of their songs are so smooth and neat, making them all sound great, unlike a few rock songs which are just mindless screaming, therefore, sounding like nothing more than plain noise. These are the kind of tracks that will not only help you feel the pain and heal you eventually and in fact inspire you whenever you need it to.

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