Hollywood Undead Songs List You Must Listen

Hollywood is a land of talent. If you have the talent inside you Hollywood helps you to showcase your talent. In the era of hard rock and metal, Hollywood Undead became one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Their beautiful lyrics always touch your soul and their rhythmic notes, which you may not find in the maximum number of rock bands. If you did not hear their famous compositions, you must try it and feel their talent. So, here is a Hollywood Undead songs list you must listen to.

We Are – Hollywood Undead Songs List

In 2013, Hollywood Undead released their third album Notes from the Underground.  This hard rock album’s best song ‘We Are’ is all about a person’s dream and makes you feel the urge to achieve. ‘We Are’ is all about the fight to achieve your dreams against any obstacles in front of you.


Swan Songs is the first full-length album of the Hollywood Undead. In the year 2008, when it was released, it made its place in different charts. This track has its power to make you an instant fan of Hollywood Undead. A don’t care attitude of the song symbolizes well the minds of some people.

Hollywood Undead Songs List You Must Listen
Hollywood Undead Songs List You Must Listen

Hear Me Now – Hollywood Undead Songs List

Contemporary music often lacks the musical harmony which connects your inner self. And getting it from a rock band, though it sounds difficult, Hollywood Undead’s Hear Me Now is a perfect mixture of both. Released in 2016, American Tragedy’s songs, including this, were of All Metal and Hard Rock genre.


Every person has scars. Some are visible, and some become a part of your soul. The scars you hide from others, the scars of the past always rattle us. Many of us also give in. American Tragedy’s Bullet is all about those scars. This song will touch your scarred soul as soon as you hear this song.

Everywhere I Go

Everything a person writes, it had a tinge of social, economic, religious, or political views embedded in it. This song was about the tension between the two countries – the USA and Russia. You will find this song on their debut album as it was their third single song of 2009’s album.

Been to Hell – Hollywood Undead Songs List

Been to Hell is another single from Hollywood Undead’s second album American Tragedy. Every people try to look back on their journey after becoming famous. This song shows the journey and the band’s reminiscences after becoming famous in Hollywood. It also shows how a person’s dream is crushed and the nightmare of it follows.

Hollywood Undead Songs List You Must Listen
Hollywood Undead Songs List You Must Listen

Black Dahlia

You may hear about the murder of Black Dahlia. Hollywood Undead composed the fifth single song on the same name in their first album Swan Songs. But the song was based on an entirely different concept – about the girlfriend of a person as there is a recent breakup.


If you ever faced a demon of addiction by yourself or your family or close friends, you may find this song heart-wrenching. In the American Tragedy, this song’s protagonist was a woman who is addicted to different demons. The demons destroy us inside out. These mental scars left us too damaged to repair.


Young was a hit single of the album Swan Songs. War only brings destruction, and a government army always brings destruction rather than any fruitful outcome. This song gives you this message and you may feel the same after hearing the songs.

Street Dreams

You may find it different. But according to my thinking, it is all about a person who is spiraling towards insanity. A person may choose bad ways and his bad decision towards the drinking and other demons are taking a toll in his life. His hallucination and hearing odd voices showed that he is spiraling down in his life.

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