Hollywood News Celebrity

Hollywood News Celebrity

The publicity stunts of some celebrities keep stooping lower and lower! In another clickbait attempt, Kim Kardashian perpetuates fake news to garner attention. Her previous sex tape was staged in collaboration with VIVID on social media. It was an entirely pre-designed and scripted tape that was executed very well. Yet, she cannot fool the audience anymore! Her idiocracy is all out and about.

The very fact that the Kardashians even manage to survive on social media or get likes is hard to believe. The lady even got a fake ass done to lure the public. But the mainstream only runs by TRP’s and attention and the Kardashians manage to get that every time.

The lady recently announced how she is pursuing a career in law currently by taking online classes. She wants to follow the footsteps of her father and continue her quest of freeing wrongly committed criminals. This might seem like an honorable way of monetizing her brand and to show to the world that she has a purpose in life, but in end it all depends upon how many has she managed to loop into her story. Her ‘so-called honorable purpose’ did attract Spotify, which recently signed an agreement with her for marketing the stories of the wrongfully convicted.

Today, People Magazine and Kim Kardashian reposted a story about a mom who had falsified her address to get her son admitted in a better school. This mom named Tanya McDowell was awarded a 5 years imprisonment statement and Kim was determined to bring her story up in front of the world. Since, this post, the Twitterati and the Social media has gone berserk posting funny memes, comparing Tanya to Felicity Huffman, a lady who got 14 days for falsifying of documents to get her kid in school. 

Just because the celebrity Kim Kardashian posted it, the meme will be reposted by many others and will be assumed as true. A black woman was used to create this Kim Kardashian fake news. 

The Fact Of The Matter

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Tanya McDowell received 5 years in state prison in Connecticut after a plea agreement with prosecutors. She was charged with numerous charges, including felony larceny. The charge was that she had sent her son to a school district in which she did not live. This had resulted in a hue and cry from the public. Secondly, she was arrested again, after she tried to lure and bribe the undercover police officers with prostitutes and drugs to withdraw her charge. Although her attorney, Darnell Crosland argued that she was being trapped by the police in retaliation for the public support she received, but the prosecutors maintained that she was arrested on the charges of dealing with drugs. 

She totally faced seven charges including the school incident and the drug charges. These were resolved together owing to a plea deal. She finally was awarded a total of five years in state prison, five years’ probation and a 12-year suspended sentence. She had a previous criminal record too. She was earlier convicted on the charges of a bank robbery and owning a weapon in a vehicle. She was given this strict sentence owing to her previous sentence. A person’s criminal history is taken into consideration while determining future plea agreements and sentences. These details were clarified by Mark Dupis, spokesman for the Connecticut state division of criminal justice.

So, if a Kim Kardashian tries to boil this matter over black or white or rich or poor, the fact of the matter does not change. McDowell was a drug dealer and so was rightly convicted. Do not believe in any Kim Kardashian Fake News  or ClickBait!!

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