Hollywood Dance Songs that Still Make you Tap your Feet

hollywood dance songs

When was the last time you just let your hair loose without a worry in the world? Or had the energy to pull an all-nighter? Or danced like crazy?

This old school-meets-modern list will bring it back. It’ll trigger major nostalgia and get your feet moving for sure. They’re the record-breaking, chart-topping hits we’ve heard on repeat but never got bored of. Spanning over more than a decade, they were the orchestrators of all those crazy clubbing nights. Music can really pump you up. This collection is evidence of that. There’s one track from 2004 and the other from 2014. What do they have in common? Every single song featured here set new benchmarks in the music industry and gained large loyal followings across the world. Even language wasn’t a barrier. It was about the spirit. So, go down memory lane and re-party to the blockbusters you always loved.

If you are planning a party, then this ultimate playlist shall come in handy. The perfect way to ring in 2022.

1. On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

Hollywood Sign with a mountain in the background

What happens when a pop diva and a popular rapper come together? They create a record-breaking hit, that’s what. This song smashed YouTube and crossed over 1 billion views. It is still one of the best selling singles of all time.

2. Stereo Love – Edward Maya

Christopher Mapp, Charlize Theron posing for the camera

Edward Maya blasted every scene with this monster hit. It played on repeat. Everyone danced till to the same beats over and over again, that’s how much this song succeeded with the party peeps. Maya also performed it in India several times.

3. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Cheer for the most blasting band on the planet! At the peak of fame, BEP delivered one blockbuster after another, till the gang owned every party scene. All were really big but this one set a new benchmark all together.

4. Memories – David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi

“All the crazy shit I did tonight” really struck a chord with millennials. It was the perfect song to get a crowd jumping and swaying to. The chorus was on every tongue, hummed for all the good times.

5. Low – Flo Rida

Flo Rida has a really impressive running in the party circuit. He just kept belting out one infectious track after another and soon developed a very loyal global following. Whistle, Right Round and Good Feeling are other winners of his crazy collection.

6. Tik Tok – Ke$ha

Kesha burned the beats with his one. The track was the absolute highlight of her singing career and flawlessly executed with a hungover video we could all relate to. It topped charts worldwide.

7. Like A G6 – Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs, Dev

There were totally new on the scene but owned it, and how. Like A G6 became an instant favourite with its auto-tuned hooks and sexiness overload. The beats are perfect for some groovy time.

Download these songs and listen to them whenever you are bored.

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