Hollywood Beach News – Summer 2021

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In fact, Selick is one of the most respected film makers of our times. His films have won over awards at the Oscars and have been the winner’s among major motion pictures. Here is a little about him and what you can expect in the upcoming movie.

As you can see from the title of this article, The Perfect Score will be based on a true story. Selick used his own life as an actor to write this screenplay. He worked with producer John Lewis Cooney on this project and it is being produced by Focus Features. There are many celebrities that live in and around Hollywood Beach which made for an interesting casting opportunity. Some of the actual residents are:

Omega Hotel

A store front at night

This community was built on the site of what was once the Omega Hotel which operated during the Prohibition era. The city is quite small and consists of just thirty-three residential floors. Of these, fifteen are ground level residences, twelve are upper levels, and the remaining floors are condos or townhomes. One of the popular locations is Hollywood Beach Central which is conveniently located for shopping and dining. In this area there is also a popular year-round beach hotel with two levels that is seven stories high.

One of the newest residents in the area is a thirty-two story luxury condominium building that was recently built in Hollywood Beach. Located at Hollywood Beach Boulevard it is the tallest building in the city of West Hollywood. It has the highest percentage of resale units among all of its neighboring neighborhoods. Its nine floors are of the highest quality of materials giving it a modern appearance. There are nineteen floors dedicated to retail space, while eight floors are devoted to the skylights and one floor is dedicated to retail with a rooftop bar.

Resale Condos

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For those who are interested in purchasing resale condos in the area, there are a number of options to choose from. These include waterfront condominiums that have views of the water and the beach. They are available in sizes ranging from one to three, but are priced from the low end of the market to the high end. There are also beachfront residences located on the same boulevard as the high-end beachfront condos. These units are available in sizes ranging from one to three, but again, are priced in the lower portion of the market.

Dr. Fl 33019 is a nationally renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who resides in Hollywood Beach. He is featured in several television shows, including Dog the Bounty Hunter. In addition to his residence, he also has a five-star hotel that overlooks his complex. Many of his other celebrities include actress Nicole Kidman, supermodel Cara Delevingne and her husband, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh.

Summit Towers Condos

Located on the opposite side of Dr. Fl, the new development of Summit Towers Condos at Hollywood Beach offers residents all the glamour and comfort they could wish for. Unlike Dr. Fl’s apartment complex, which has two levels of elevators to cater to visitors, the condos in Summit Towers are all one level with living quarters on the top floor. This location makes it convenient for visitors to access the many restaurants, shops and the fitness center situated on either side of each floor.

A quick walk from the complexes are the Sea Air Towers condominiums, which are also located on Hollywood Beach. The tower that houses the year built Sea Air Towers is called the penthouse and is a full twenty-four feet above sea level.


Located on the second floor of the building are the unit pools, which offer residents the convenience of a wet bar, whirlpool, Jacuzzi and steam room. Other services offered by Sea Air are a full service pool, a spa and a heated outdoor pool. The penthouse has been designed with a view in mind and is a modern addition to the neighborhood.

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