Here Is The List Of Top 5 Must Watch Hollywood Movies- Lets Check Out

must watch hollywood movies

Hollywood always fascinated each generation with exuberant masterpieces. The camerawork, the direction coupled with extraordinary dialogue made each of the classics great and memorable. Though there was a lack of promotional events in the previous part of Hollywood years, the movies turned out to be jaw-dropping with excellent showcasing of stories and acting. Here is the list of some of the brilliant must watch Hollywood movies which you should start with this holiday period. Without any further delay let’s get on with the top choices of must watch Hollywood movies-

Must Watch Hollywood Movies List: The Godfather 1972

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Undoubtedly, the movie stands on top of the list. Besides sharing a wonderful life of the Mafia world, the intricate scenes along with the brilliant dialogues, the movie is a great example of artwork. Both Marlon Brando and Al Pacino made this movie one of their finest works in their career of acting. If you haven’t got your chance yet, make sure to come out with time this new year’s season and spend some solid time seeing this astounding movie.

Next Stands Ben Hur In This Must Watch Hollywood Movies

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Came out in 1959 which showcased the art of representing an Epic during the middle 19th Century. People always wonder about the event that took place in the past. This masterpiece revealed the incidents in such a wonderful manner, that without doubt, you are going to enjoy the brilliant work of William Wyler. The movie represented the rule on slavery, revenge, and war in its unique way.

Moving On The Next One With Psycho

This is another worth mentioning to this list of must watch Hollywood movies. The movie shows the eccentric approach of Norman Bates played by Anthony Perkins in this classic Alfred Hitchcock movie. The movie is a blindsiding work that wonderfully represented the psychotic behavior of the lead.

Forrest Gump Stands Next In The List

It is another great classic that beautifully showcases the bond of friendship and innocence in a different way. When you sit for the movie you will constantly think about what happens next in the plot. With the breathtaking directorial work of Robert Zemeckis and the extraordinary acting of Tom Hanks, the movie is a great option to see this end of the year.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Is The Next Choice

This is another brilliant movie to come under must watch Hollywood movies. The movie exhibits astounding direction with eye-opening acting of the cast. Sergio Leone experimented with his talent with Clint Eastwood thus bringing us a wonderful piece of work to see this new year.

Honorable Mentions In The Must Watch Hollywood Movies List Are-

Let’s now have a quick look at the honorable mentions for must watch Hollywood movies-

The Lord Of The Ring Series

The Star Wars Series

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Bicentennial Man

Fight Club

Catch Me If You Can

The Harry Potter Series



The Star Trek Series

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Matrix


The Shawshank Redemption

The Sixth Sense


Well, this is it, these are some of the must watch Hollywood movies that you need to start with. Besides giving you a great time, these are some of the collections which would inspire you as well. Not only they are entertaining, but these classics and entertainment options are also some of the brilliant artworks which need our appreciations,

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