Five Greatest Movie Sequels From Hollywood Action Movies List

hollywood action movies list

To start with, let me say that I am in no way affiliated with either the makers of any of the mentioned action/adventure films. I’m just an observer. And if anyone wants my opinion, please feel free to shoot me an email. The point I am making here, however, is merely an observation about the state of today’s Hollywood and entertainment industry. So, without further interruption, let’s take a look at this Hollywood action movies list.


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Well, first, let’s start with one of the most famous entries on this list: Rocky. No, I’m not talking about the actual film; I’m referring to the series of Rocky movies and T-cks (the franchise). To make a long story short, we had the ever-memorable” Olympics” trilogy (I’ll spare you all the gory details), followed by the release of the well-received “Rocky” films. Okay, enough background. Let’s get to the Hollywood action movies list!

Star Wars

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Number two on the Hollywood Action Movies List is something I consider to be the pinnacle of Hollywood commercialism, Star Wars. If you haven’t seen them, run, don’t walk, the next movie in the series is called “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” No, seriously, I’m not kidding. You must watch this movie on our Hollywood action movies list.

Now then, it seems that there’s no end to the franchise, or at least that there hasn’t been for the last few movies. But that might be stretching the truth a little bit… after all, George Lucas has said that there will be a new Star Wars movie after the last one, so what’s to say that a new one isn’t in the works? It certainly seems that way. Meanwhile, the new “Episode III” is shaping up to be another huge box office smash, proving the success of the prequels. Who knows, it might not even be a hit with fans of the originals, but it sure is a surefire moneymaker for Disney.

X-Men Series

Number three on the Hollywood Action Movies list is another franchise with multiple movies in the can, the X-Men series. The newest movie in the series, “X-Men: First Class,” opens wide this summer


Number Four on the Hollywood Action Movies list is… Spider-Man. If you’re familiar with the comics, you’ll know that Spidey is a young boy who lives in New York City and that he has become the web-swinging, nerdy hero that every boy wants to be when they grow up. You must watch this movie on our

American Beauty

Number Five on the list is… American Beauty. This movie star-studded with a number of A list talent and directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. I’m sure you’ve seen this one… and if you haven’t, stop reading this article and go see it as soon as you can. This movie is so good, you won’t want to miss it. What more could you ask for? Great story, great acting, fantastic director… everything you could ever want in a movie. You must watch this movie on our

That’s It!

That is the Hollywood action movies list for this week. No, I have no idea what it is you just saw. But I’m sure it was a great day at the movies, and you came away from it feeling good about the movies that you just saw. Have a great rest of the weekend, and enjoy the next movie from our Hollywood action movies list!

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