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Let’s admit it, we all love taking a sneak peek into the lives of our favorite and even not-so-favorite celebrities from time to time. Be it an actor, a singer, a director or a football player, we are always excited to hear what is going on in their lives. It is like a guilty pleasure that we cannot get rid of that easily. What’s more? We even discuss it among our peers from time to time.

Was all of it #totallyrelatable to you? Then this article is just the thing you were looking for to add some spice to your daily routine. Continue reading to catch up on some entertainment news today all the way from Hollywood and get to know what’s going on in whose life.

Ray J Sends His Best Wishes To The Kardashians For Their Final Season Of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

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Most of us cannot contain our excitement for the final season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and that is the same scenario for Ray J. According to him, he is ‘happy to still be on’ and that he knows there are big things headed the family’s way. Ray J stepped into the world of reality shows while looking for love on the VH1 series, “For the Love of Ray J” and he still continues to be a loved face among the audience through another VH1 show VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition.

Did Aaron Rodgerson Just Hint At Shailene Woodley During His Engagement Announcement?

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A Rod, while accepting an MVP Award at the NFL Honors, announced that he is “off the market.” While he certainly did not say that he was engaged to Shailene Woodley, he did mention that he got engaged last year and played some of the best football of his life. Ooh, exciting! So, how did we guess it was Shailene Woodley? First, he recognized Jodie Foster, who is acting alongside Shailene in her upcoming movie, The Mauritanian. Next he also talked a lot about positivity and manifesting which is just what Shailene preaches too! So, is our guess correct? Only time can tell that.

Clare Crawley’s Blushing Hair Transformation

Clare Crawley just colored her hair a blush pink after her break up with her fiance. Although she did not specifically mention what products she has used, but she did hint at coloring shampoos and conditioners. Well, whatever it is that she has used, her hair is definitely looking “Oh so adorable!” and we definitely cannot contain our excitement to try the same. According to her, using these is a safe way to experiment with different colors and see what suits you the best. Although we do not exactly know how long she is going to boast this, she is definitely looking forward to springing her way in with this lovely tone.

Wrapping Up

So, this was our daily dose of news for now. Want more? Stay tuned to our channel and we’ll keep you posted about all the things that are happening in Hollywood.

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