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The Hollywood Studios Theme Park has some amazing news for theme park lovers. According to Theme Park Insider, the company that owns and operates the park, WDW (Walt Disney World) will be releasing two new attractions. The Cars Land is currently under construction and is expected to open towards the end of next year. Both of these will be debuting in the fall of next year. Both of them are part of a big revamp plan which also includes the already announced Landfill demolition.

The Return Of Car Land

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We already know about the return of the famous Disney Characters in the form of Cars Land. There are so many people who have been waiting for this attraction to open. And now that it’s finally here, they cannot get enough of it. But fans aren’t the only ones excited about the new attraction. So far, there hasn’t been another themed water park attraction that’s received as much excitement as this one.

But Why Are They So Excited?

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The answer lies in the fact that nothing about Cars Land has been left untouched. From the look of it, you can assume that all of the Cars Land attractions will be revising the designs that were created for previous Disney World rides such as Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure.

The original inspiration for Cars Land came from the idea that there should be something “American” about the World’s largest theme park. That is why the landscaping for the park was taken from the famous California Gold Rush. Of course, there are many more influences from around the world, too. But none was as immediate and as memorable as the Gold Rush.

Origin Of Cars Land Idea

The original idea for Cars Land came about when the original Cars Land opened at the California National Museum of Natural History. It had lots of exciting new elements that made visitors feel like they really were in “the Wild West”. Among the different things that were new for that park, there was a water tower that looked just like a zeppelin and there were also plenty of model cars that were on display. Of course, the Cars Land attraction didn’t last long and was closed down just as soon as it opened.

Of course, the Cars Land attraction is part of the larger entertainment complex that also includes the Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. That means that the animal-themed nighttime shows, fireworks, concerts, and shows for kids continue to be among the most popular things to do at the Studios. There are even several dining options at the park including sit down meals and even the signature Frozen drink that is sold at most locations inside the theme park. Not only is it an attraction worth checking out, but it also serves as a great place for family fun and to take the children.

Final Words

Overall, the Hollywood Studios hasn’t changed for decades! It is still one of the top theme parks in Orlando, and it is just as much fun now as it was when it was first opened. If you are planning a trip to Florida or even a vacation here in general, you need to make sure that you take the time to check out this wonderful theme park. It is something that is a true gem in Florida!

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