Current Hollywood News Tells Us Who Is On The Scene

current hollywood news

Current Hollywood news and gossip are everywhere in the mainstream media. Celebrities are always in the news and the gossip publications reflect this. We’ve all become so familiar with some of the things that are said about our favorite stars that it’s almost becoming a normal part of life.

Julia Child

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One current Hollywood news story that’s making the rounds is about Julia Child. The former “E.T.” star is in the center of a new custody case after separating from her husband, Jamie Violetta. The tabloids have run a series of features on the issue, speculating on the reasons for the long-term separation and whether or not Jamie was guilty of physical abuse during their marriage. The current gossip in Hollywood suggests that both sides were partly at fault.

Tom Cruise

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In another current news cycle, Tom Cruise was reportedly caught making up a sex tape with a former employee of his. The news stories suggest that the incident may have taken place while the two were supposed to be working together on a movie project. Supposedly, the incident left Cruise upset and he asked Violetta to leave the set. Violetta, in turn, threatened to shoot Cruise in the eye if the celebrity didn’t leave the set. This turned into yet another surfacing in the current Hollywood news cycle.

Reese Witherspoon

The latest scoop in the current Hollywood news cycle is that Reese Witherspoon has been hired to star in the Disney Channel’s “Big Girl’s” television show. The actress had previously appeared in a similar TV show for Nickelodeon called “Andi”. The hiring of Reese Witherspoon is sure to remind you of what kind of a celebrity she used to be. She is one of the few stars of the new generation of celebrities that managed to fit in with both the indie crowd and the mainstream media.

Sarrah Jessica Parker

Another great piece of news that has been surfacing in the current Hollywood news cycle is the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker has landed a role in the upcoming film “The Cable Guy”. Parker is an incredibly talented actress who has had quite a few roles in recent years that managed to be both successful and memorable. By landing a role in one of director David Fincher’s films she will definitely remind people of what made Sarah Jessica Parker an A-list celebrity in the first place. The Cable Guy is expecting to be a really funny film and should do very well at the box office.

Milla Jovovich

Other current Hollywood news includes the news that Milla Jovovich is set to appear in the new Jennifer Aniston/ Maya Rudolph comedy “The Wedding Repo”. The news also states that Aaron Sims will be back on “GREASE”. This film is expected to star Michael Chiklis. Finally, Jennifer Garner has signed on to play the character of Jeanette in the biopic “wings”. It should be exciting to see all these characters in the coming months.

Man on The Moon Movie

There was a lot of buzz about Charlie Sheen’s “Man on the Moon” movie not long ago but now it looks like it may be shelved. Plus, there have been rumblings in Hollywood about Sheen potentially starring in a new drama about an “AIDS teen”. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some more of this current Hollywood news.


By the time you’ve read this current news, it should be clear as to where each actor is currently at. You can look forward to seeing them in the next two months or so. You can also see the roles they are trying to get cast for in the coming months. Actors are always in the early stages of casting for movies so you may not always know who will and who won’t be available.

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