Conservative Actors in Hollywood Lead in Support of Tom Ford

conservative actors in hollywood

Many of Hollywood’s most prolific and well-known actors have spoken out against the current President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. One prominent example is Donald Sutherland, the famous TV actor. He was a vocal critic of President Bush at his 2021 Golden Globe Awards acceptance speech when he said, “We need to bring our troops back from wars and bring those troops home now. And I’d take a two-part message: We ought to be more careful about whom we ditch to help and who we send with our troops.” Following this outburst by Donald, a few outspoken conservative actors in Hollywood, namely Tom Cruise and Jason Lee, were quick to support Mr. Sutherland’s comments.

So, what about Tom Ford? Well, he is an actor and a liberal, so obviously, he is only concerned with one part of the government: The President of the United States. Ford went on to say that President Bush “acted like a little schoolgirl” when he gave his speech to the Oscar Awards last year. Although President Bush did make some good points, Tom Ford’s comments about Bush made him an outspoken critic.

Conservative Actors in Hollywood

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Now let’s take a look at what Tom Ford said about President Bush’s speech a few days later. That two-part video message posted on YouTube is available to the public. In his video message posted on YouTube, Tom Ford referred to the Bush Administration as “the administration of hate.” Wow. And how many conservative actors in Hollywood are actually liberal Democrats these days?

Tom Ford then went on to say that the only reason President Bush won the election was due to the fact that millions of Americans didn’t vote. Wow. So, which conservative actor is making the statement that half the Americans didn’t vote for Bush because they weren’t really all that into him, or that Bush lost the election because he wasn’t a good actor? You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned that famous two-part video message that was posted on YouTube yet.

Well, now it’s out in the open, and everyone can see it. That conservative Hollywood actor just can’t hold his tongue anymore. He is speaking his mind, and no amount of politically correct rhetoric will change his opinion. Two-part video message posted on YouTube calling President Bush a “Dictator” and a “bad president” who should be impeached is simply one of the many conservative Hollywood actor opinions that are out there now in full force on the World Wide Web and no amount of studio executives and studio board members willing to appease these individuals will change their minds.

A Much Ado

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The political left has been trying to bring down this gentleman for quite some time, and it looks like they have finally succeeded. Tom Ford is seen as a hero by many on the political left, and that is unfortunate. If we are going to live in a country where the left takes power, we have to agree with them, or we live in a world of no respect. These are the types of comments that will not be tolerated in Hollywood, and I am sure they won’t be tolerated in Hollywood again soon either.

A two-part video message posted on YouTube calling President Bush a “dictator” and “bad president since he ran for office” is simply beyond the pale. That is not the way that Hollywood likes to portray the right-wing point of view, although they love to throw that word around. Instead of allowing Hollywood to use those bad words against them, perhaps the political left needs to spend more time watching their own movies and less time making them. After all, the two-part video message posted on YouTube is simply a distraction from what Tom Ford is saying, which is Hollywood coming down hard on an individual who isn’t acting in the manner they want.

Bottom Line

Perhaps the left realizes that if Tom Ford wins his second Oscar and President Bush is re-elected, they cannot come after Ford anymore because it will turn into a personal war with President Bush. Can you imagine what the liberal media will say if President Bush is sitting down to talk to Tom Ford? What a turnaround; we have a two-party war in Hollywood. With me when I say that our president has our utmost respect and our nation has been built on the solid ground of our forefathers, and there is a moral code of duty that has been passed on from president to citizen…that is why I say let us stand. Let us vote for Tom Ford, so he can save face and continue the political rhetoric that he is so good at. Please consider all this.

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