Conservative Actors In Hollywood And Ronald Reagan

conservative actors in hollywood

Conservative actors in Hollywood were a force to be reckoned with during the seventies and the eighties. Ronald Reagan’s “compassionate” message became a kind of motto for Hollywood’s most popular stars. These artists refused to star in any movies that were deemed liberal-progressive. The anti-Vietnam War protests and the sit-in by civil rights groups at the John Kennedy presidential campaign made their liberal heroes into folk heroes and made the conservative message a potent Hollywood actor.

The conservative revolution also included the most notorious of Hollywood personalities, Roger Maris. His anti-Communist leanings made him a hero to many Hollywood Republicans. Maris was an outspoken critic of the U.S.S.S.R. and of communism.

George Romney, the former governor of Ohio and a candidate for president, became known as a conservative in the late 1940s and he was no liberal. As the Free Enterprise Institute professor and author of “The Conservative Revolution”, he spoke out against the New Deal, saying it was based on “laissez-faire”. According to Romney, “Government control of the economy is bad, and so is excessive unionism, socialism, and big government.” He went on to say that freedom is the “burning desire of the American people”, and that Americans are the “last generation to have a national identity”.

Conservative Actors In Hollywood

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Romney was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and his performance won him eight Academy Awards. He went on to play the second most famous conservative character in Hollywood history, President John F. Kennedy. In this role, he also became a hero to a generation of right-wingers. Many political pundits and writers in Hollywood still cite his performance of having the voice and role models to teach them what it means to be a conservative.

Perhaps, no actor has been in the centre of the American cultural debate over the last thirty years as Ronald Reagan has. He rode the Tea Party wave to become one of the most recognizable and controversial figures in Hollywood. As a leading light in the motion picture industry during the rise of the movie industry, his is a legacy that is still popular today. His performances as Johnnie come together with his bold social views to make him a true Hollywood conservative. He was born a Catholic but believed himself to be a man of principle.

Reagan was one of the last true Southern Californian men to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He lost to Ben Affleck for his first Oscar, but two more came after that and he was finally recognized as an essential part of the American actor’s canon. According to actor and political activist Ronald Reagan Foundation, “Reaganism reshaped Hollywood. His films set the standards for what would later be known as the Reagan coalition,”

A Much Ado

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The late California Republican Governor Ronald Reagan had said, “Reaganism is the movement of the people, and Hollywood must live by that rule or be swept away.” He was right, and the Reagan legacy has been and continues to influence not only the people of Hollywood but also those who elect leaders into public office. Ronald Reagan’s name is on the bronze statue of John F. Kennedy in the Rotunda of the Smithsonian now.

Right-Wing Hollywood never forgave their founder. Many artists have criticized him and some of his policies, but his fans never took a break from idolatry. Even now there are conservative film stars who choose to portray Reagan’s view on social issues. There is a reason for this.

Ronald Reagan was a born entertainer. He never lost that enthusiasm for the stage or the camera. As an actor, he managed to entertain not only the liberal crowd but also the right-wing fringe as well. It was no wonder then that Hollywood quickly embraced Reagan’s ideas as the wave of the future.

Conservative actors in Hollywood, which includes many stars, support the work of Ronald Reagan. They are proud of his accomplishments and continue to promote his ideas today. Some are even using his words in campaign literature. Others are running ads with Reagan quotes. There are even newsletters that are circulated saying, “Ronald Reagan changed Hollywood.”

Bottom Line

There is one actor who should be added to this list. That actor is Clint Eastwood. Eastwood has never shied away from controversy or telling it how it is. He has been a friend and supporter of Reagan for years and continues to this day. Even after President Reagan has passed, many of Reagan’s ideas live on in the form of Reagan bumper stickers, buttons, and books.

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