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It can be seen everywhere you go, from TV shows, movies, and commercials. Most martial arts Hollywood actors are Chinese Americans, although there are some Japanese and Korean actors who have made a name for themselves in this field. The following are some of the martial arts Hollywood actors who have managed to become popular over the years.

Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee is the first known Chinese American to make a splash in Hollywood when he played the title role in the Bruce Lee movie “The Bruce Lee Film”. This role marked the beginning of the integration of the Chinese martial arts into Hollywood. There was a time when no one in Hollywood had even heard of Chinese martial arts, let alone Bruce Lee. But, with his success, martial arts came of age and were integrated into the American culture. This integration continues today, with many actors playing Chinese martial arts masters, and martial arts gone viral on television.

Jet Li is another Chinese American martial arts actor who made his mark in Hollywood. His role as Tao in the “Xia Xia O Tu” made him famous in the world of martial arts movies. Jet Li is now married with actress girlfriend Lisa Rinna. His son is the latest member of the family to join the martial arts family. This family has also adopted daughter Suran Tao into their fold.

Jeff Daniels

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Another well-known martial arts actor in Hollywood who is Chinese American is Jeff Daniels. He played the original character of FBI agent Bob Lee’s in the movie series “Dancing With The Stars”. The show went on to spawn four more movies and a series of TV specials. His other roles include “E.T.” and “Million Dollar Baby”.

Jet Li’s son, Jet, has also become well known in Hollywood as both a martial arts expert and actor. Like his father, Jet has made a name for himself playing a tough, street-wise character in popular films. In the Kung Fu film franchise with Jackie Chan, Jet played Master Mo, while his father played Master Jeet Kun. Jet Li is now married to actress wife Trista Sutter, with whom he has two children.

Jet Li’s son, Jafari Chan, is a popular martial arts actor and martial arts instructor. He has appeared in a number of well-known films and shows such as “The Nanny”, “AfterLife” and “The Replacements”. In this movie he is also starring as brother Khabir Saleem, who was a main participant in the civil war between the IRA and British Army.

David Limpert

There are other Chinese American martial arts actors in Hollywood too. Some names you may not have heard of include David Limpert, who was an assistant combat instructor for Bruce Lee on “Pawn Shop” and Frank Kang, who appeared in “Enter the Fist” as the Chinese character Lung. There is Russell Crow’s son Ryan, who has also made a name for himself in the world of martial arts. A few other names include Jackie Chan’s son Jaden whom he played in the Kung fu film “Kung Fu Panda” and Donny Yen who starred in the TV series “MacGyver” for which he earned an uncredited cameo.

Bottom Line

There is no one way to explain how these Chinese American martial arts actors come to fame. However, whatever the reason for their emergence they are enjoying considerable success in the martial arts industry today. For more information on some of these Chinese American martial artists see our website. We are sure that you will be very interested to learn more. You can also read some reviews about the best martial arts Hollywood actors.

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