Celebrity Gossip Is No Longer A Ticking Time Bomb

celebrity gossip

A gossip magazine, commonly called a tabloids magazine, is a weekly magazine that profiles the lives of celebrities and other famous people. In North America, this type of magazine gained popularity in the early 1960s and continues to be published today. It can be purchased in most grocery stores, and newsstands, and there are even online websites that offer it.

This type of publication has been criticized by many for providing bad entertainment, and for being too much of a hoser on the brain. This can be blamed on the fact that the gossiper and her associates have access to many sources of low-quality information. These include the celebrity gossip blogs, which are run by jealous fans, and the new york times, which are edited to sound like a legitimate news source.

Celebrity Gossip

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In some ways, this type of publication has done more damage to the public relations efforts of some celebrities than good. One example of this is the recent flap concerning Tiger Woods. Several reports said that he had received private information from a former girlfriend in regard to his golf swing, which may have aided him to hit an over-the-top drive during a tournament. While many people assume this is simply the gossip of one woman to add to the celebrity gossip column, it is actually the gossip of several women and former stars, who were not named in these reports.

When Hollywood insiders tell Buzzfeed newsroom reporter Christian Cooke, they are merely giving information. “It’s not true,” a representative of the Woods family told the reporter. The same goes for a rep for Spears. “She hasn’t told us anything,” she told the website. Both women stand accused of leaking damaging information about their former partner, whether they meant to or not. While the media can be unpredictable, it is important to remember that celebrities do have legal counsel and often speak with their representatives about these matters before they are discussed on the record.

A Much Ado

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Another favorite of the famous people in Hollywood is gossiping about a personal issue that directly affects their career. It is almost as if they feel it is their duty to drop hints throughout the entertainment industry in order to subtly sway public opinion. For instance, when actress Nicole Kidman was found dead in an upscale car accident, her brother was reported by a paparazzi as saying, ” Nicole just died in a car crash. She wasn’t with us anymore. She’s gone too long.”

It seems as if the more famous people in Hollywood continue to engage in this sort of activity, the more detrimental it becomes to their reputation and the longevity of their careers. When Jennifer Aniston was romantically involved with boyfriend Woody Allen, her name was smeared across the media with rumors that circulated for months until finally a public statement was issued by the actor and director. Within days, the rumors were confirmed as unfounded. In fact, a reputed print publication did run a piece with the following headline: ” Woody Allen Has Been Married Four Times.” Is it any wonder that many of his fans believe the worst?

Celebrity gossipers, whether it is Michael Jackson or Marilyn Manson, should be careful not to cross the line with their remarks. Oftentimes, these statements are taken out of context and given an entirely different meaning. As much as possible, they should stick to the facts when making such comments but the trick is to make sure they don’t say anything that will end up harming their reputation. There are times when celebrity gossip really does get out of hand and a celebrity is forced to defend themselves by either issuing a statement or taking out a full-blown personal attack in the media.

Bottom Line

There is no real middle ground when it comes to celebrities using entertainment news as a way to attack other celebrities. Everyone can agree that they have a certain level of privacy when it comes to their private lives, however, that doesn’t mean anyone can go on the warpath and spread lies about those they idolize. There has been quite a bit of negative attention brought about by the public release of private photographs taken by paparazzi which were used for entertainment news reporting. The only way to stop celebrity gossip from destroying another celebrity’s reputation is for them to realize that this entertainment news is just that – entertainment news and not the real deal.

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