Best Sources For Hollywood Movies Online Watch

hollywood movies online watch

The modern era full of modern technologies made us impatient, and nowadays, there are tons of websites where you can stream movies online. Some make us spend our money, and some are free. Some people might feel nostalgic when we talk about being patient to watch their favorite celebs movies because they never had the internet in their time. 

How To Stream Online 

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Some many sites and applications help us view our favorite movies sitting at home with our loved ones, one hand in our lover’s hand and the other in the tub full of popcorn, right? Everyone loves that. We are covering some of these websites and applications.


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Launched in 1997, Netflix is one of the oldest and the most comprehensive online streaming platforms. As of 2021, Netflix has 209 million subscribers, out of which 72 million are situated in the USA and Canada. To use the Netflix services, you have to empty your pockets. Netflix has plans for every type starting at Rupees 199 and ranging up to rupees 799, and every plan comes with its perks. 

Amazon Prime Video 

Founded in 1994, and now the most successful start-up Amazon INC. thought of stepping into the field of online streaming with its Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video is the competitor of Netflix. Prime Video is also a paid streaming platform with a plan of rupees 329 for three months and rupees 999 for 12 months. With prime membership, there are perks affiliated with Amazon online store. 


Launched in 2015, Hotstart captured the market at an astonishing rate. In the beginning, Hotstar had a license to stream HBO shows and Showtime, among other third parties. Star India launched Hotstar, and in 2019, the parent company 21st Century Fox decided to associate Hotstar with Disney+, and it started to be known as Disney+ Hotstar in the year 2020. Hotstar also provides paid services ranging from Rupees 499 per year to Rupees 1499 per year. Every plan has its perks. 


A website launched by internet pioneer Ted Leonsis himself in 2008, Snagfilms is unique and different from other online streaming websites, It allows users to watch indie films online, and the best thing about this website is it is free of cost. SnagFilms has an enormous library of 5000+ movies. The website also includes educational documentaries. Some of the most-watched movies on SnagFilms are Nanking, Kicking It, Lost For Life, Sewing Hope, and A Fighting Chance. 


The non-profitable website with a single motive of making America’s deep ethics, religious, and occupational culture as famous as Hollywood. Streaming on this site is free as it has a greater goal to achieve. For FolkStream, advertising America’s cultural roots are like utter motive while providing entertainment to their viewers. So, you get your entertainment hunger fulfilled by the movies provided by FolskStreams, and you also gain knowledge about America’s culture, and they fulfill their motive of spreading the knowledge about their ethics and regional culture, it’s a win-win situation for both the parties.


If your pocket doesn’t allow you to purchase a subscription, we recommend you go for websites to watch Hollywood movies that offer you a free trial.

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