Best Songs About Hollywood For You To Groove On

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Hollywood is not the city for the faint of heart. Yet it continues to lure young starry-eyed hopefuls to its backlots and boulevards, just like it has always been doing for over a century now. Some people in Hollywood have success and some don’t. This town is based on people’s big dreams and its low lows. 

Hollywood is not just a happy place as it seems to be from far, it is a place that wears shady glasses after dark. About this shady side of Hollywood, we came to know after Connie Franci’s first track ‘Hollywood’ on the playlist. Followed by many other artists who have shown the real Hollywood to the world with their music albums. 

Songs About Hollywood That Says All About The Hidden Talks Of The Industry

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Even after so many dark sides about Hollywood that we came to know with songs about Hollywood, it has achieved a mythical stature in popular culture. The fabulous city Los Angeles possesses a mysterious yet romantic allure, which is a source of inspiration for songwriters, novelists and filmmakers. 

Many songwriters have written songs about Hollywood where they painted it as the quixotic paradise of one’s fantasies, ambitions, wildest dreams that can be completely realized and lived. On the other hand, some songwriters have painted the town as deceptive seductresses who trap in blind ambitious people with false promises of wealth, glamour, happiness and fame. 

25 Songs About Hollywood You Should Listen 

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  • Hollywood

Connie Francis

  • Hollywood

The Runways

  • Hollywood


  • Hollywood

Boz Scaggs

  • Hollywood

Rufus and Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan

  • Hollywood

The Searchers 

  • Hollywood


  • Hollywood Tonight

Michael Jackson

  • Hollywood

The Cranberries

  • Hollywood


  • Hollywood

Brigitte Fontaine

  • Hollywood Liar

Grace Jones

  • Hollywood Movie Girls

Dusty Springfield

  • Hollywood City

Carl Perkins

  • Hollywood: Single Version


  • Hollywood Blues

Boz Scaggs

  • Hollywood Sign

Peter Sarstedt

  • Hollywood Is High

Violent Femmes

  • Hollywood Kids

K.D Lang, The Siss Boom Bang

  • Hollywood U.S.A


  • Hollywood Ending


  • Hollywood Divorce

Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne

  • Hollywood Theme

Carl Davis, BBC Concert Orchestra

  • Hollywood Be Thy Name

Dr John


These were the songs about Hollywood that said a lot about different opinions of people in Hollywood. Some people come along with a lot of expectations and dreams but go lost in the industry of illusion that you get success in whatever you choose to do. All the songs about Hollywood that you will listen to have a story to tell, an experience to say.  

As it is said that songs can depict the pain and happiness of the person. Music works as therapy so whenever you feel happy you tend to dance to your favourite song, when you feel sad you listen to your favourite songs which relate to the memory. Some songs are so relatable to real lives they reflect the real pain or sometimes happiness.

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