Best Hollywood Movies New Arrivals of 2020

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2020 is not one of the best years for the world. Covid-19 has stalled our lives. But we must not leave all the happiness of life for the purpose. The movie is an important part of our entertainment. So, in this situation, you may have missed all the great new arrivals. So, here is a list of 2020’s best Hollywood movies new arrivals you must watch out. Go and have a look.

1917 – New Hollywood Arrival

Released on 17th January 1917 is based on true events of WWI. This film made a huge impact on both audiences, experts, and critics’ minds. 1917 is one of the best war movies ever released. Sam Mendes depicted the movie beautifully. The first person war scenario is too intriguing and affects your thinking about war. If you have a passion for war movies but did not watch the film yet, go for it.

Tenet – New Hollywood Arrival

The director of the film is himself an institution – the great Christopher Nolan. Released on 26th August, in a pandemic situation, this movie did not hit the theatres. Though it got only 7.8 out of 10, it was not up to the mark like Nolan’s other movies. It grabbed some mixed reviews as some suggested it was hard to see, but you may give it a try only for the sake of Christopher Nolan.

2020’s Best Hollywood Movies New Arrivals
2020’s Best Hollywood Movies New Arrivals

The Invisible Man – New Hollywood Movies

Are you a fan of scary movies? If yes, and if someone offers you the story of the great H. G. Wells, will you see it? The Invisible Man was itself great literature. Turning it into a scary cinema is no small feat either. It is a different take on this 123-year-old story with a theme that may trigger a genuine problem of society. Elisabeth Moss’s acting was another important aspect of the film, which makes you a believer of the ghost.

Birds of Prey – New Hollywood Movies

If you are a DC fan, you know Harley Quinn. Though portrayed as Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn was a gritty yet comic villainous character. Though it garnered mixed reviews, Birds of Prey is good enough to watch one time and if you love the DC universe, you must watch the film for a joyride. A funny take on a violent comic is always fun to watch, and Birds of Prey will not disappoint you there.

2020’s Best Hollywood Movies New Arrivals
2020’s Best Hollywood Movies New Arrivals

Little Women – New Hollywood Movies

Released on last year’s 7th December, Little Women garnered one of the best reviews of 2020. Strong characterization, powerful acting, and beautiful direction help to elevate the film. Based on a literary classic, Little Women’s ensemble cast, including Meryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, etc., played their part beautifully. Both the audience and the critics reviewed 4.5 stars out of 5. If you are also suffering from the universal problem of being a happy, single person, this film is for you.

The Gentleman – New Hollywood Movies

The film is a script inside a script. No, it is not a practical joke. Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen is a perfect layer art movie that a good movie buff wants to see. You can call the movie funny; you can also have enough dose of action. Other actors like Matthew McConaughey (yup, it’s a movie based on drugs), Hugh Grant’s acting skills make the movie more realistic.

Jojo Rabbit – New Hollywood Movies

A movie based on the Second World War and Hitler’s youth camp, the movie makes you think. The protagonist Jojo Rabbit got his mane for his scared nature. Jojo Rabbit not only attracts the casual spectators, but also the people who love to watch a movie that can hit hard on society. Its energy level was off the charts. A beautiful cinematic charisma – is the ultimate verdict for the reviewers and the audience also.

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